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5 Dating Tips You Must Know About Filipino Women

Updated on February 24, 2012

The beauty of Filipino woman is unparalleled in Asia. Many men from around the world flock to see them, date them, and marry them. Filipino woman are not like a normal woman that you find here in the west. There is a definite difference in dating a Filipino woman compared to woman from the west. Here, are some tips to help you understand how Filipino woman are.

1. Filipino woman are extremely conservative: The conservativeness of Filipino woman is truly one of the best qualities. They are taught from an early age what it is meant to be in a real relationship. They do not veer from that very often. So, When you are courting them remember that the more traditional, that you are and more respect that you show them the more they will appreciate and love you

2. Family oriented – Filipino woman are extremely family oriented in their culture. It is not hard to find a family where the grandparents, parents and siblings all still live together under one roof. Not because they have to but because they choose to. This provides an intricate family social life that has been bonded for years. Once a Filipino woman takes you to meet here family this will be the time to get the families approval. If, you don’t get their approval then, you will not be dating your Filipino love for extremely long.

3. Take time to learn the history of their culture and traditions. This can go a long way in building your own confidence in talking with Filipino woman. But, also a long way in helping you understand the partner you are dating. Not only is Filipino the history filled with fascinating facts and encounters. It Is advantageous to understand where your partner has come from and the values that they hold dear.

4. When you decide to ask a Filipino woman out for the first time. Make sure you are prepared because if there is no chemistry with in the first 5 min you have already lost her. There is no reason to keep going back. Because, the girl you keep going back to will just not be interested, no matter what you are trying to say. If, this happens a few different times then you may also be using the wrong approach try something new to get the girl interested in starting a conversation with you. Be confident, but not arrogant.

5. Remember Filipino is still a beautiful woman after all and what do woman like to do best? Talk of course, so let them talk your ear off and make a true effort in trying to listen. Sometimes Filipino woman like to communicate in code, so listening will help you understand their intentions as well as help you clarify yours.

So, if you are searching for your partner to share the rest of your life with then talk the Filipinas online or in person. Get to know who they are and what their aspirations are and maybe you will truly find the soul mate you are searching for.


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