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5 Easy Ways to Feel Sexy and Feminine

Updated on November 29, 2009

You can never feel too sexy, but it's easy to feel less than sexy after a long day at work, a bad break up, or any number of other events we all go through from time to time. One of the best pep-me-ups you can do on these occasions is pumping up your sexy factor or your femininity factor, or both. It's actually pretty easy to do and you needn't be a supermodel to pull it off -- nor do you need to be rich or have access to a platinum credit card. You don't even need all that much time, now that I think about it. So what are you waiting for? Go get sexy!

Body Buff Your Bits

Get yourself some quality body scrub and get scrubbing. Scrub everywhere the directions say you can, and then have a nice soak in the tub. When your done, suds up some good soap, rinse off, step out of the shower and bask in the glory that is your brand new silky sexy body. Nothing says feminine like soft glowing skin and you can score it easily enough, any time you want to.

Give yourself a pedicure

You don't have to get fancy and go all French pedicure, you just need a pair of toenail clippers and some pretty polish. You can buff and file your nails if you want to, but even if you just trim and paint your piggies, you will feel sexy and feminine afterward.


If you've got the dosh to have this done by a pro, all the better. But if not, just lacquering on the nail polish yourself will be enough. It's amazing how women hold their hands all daintily when they've got polish on them -- and it's even more pronounced when you've got long fake nails applied by a nail tech. No idea why we do this, it must be genetic.

Lip gloss

I say lip gloss because some women (like me) hate lipstick and won't wear it, but if you like lipstick, go ahead and substitute this for that. Lip gloss is fabulous because you can wear it any time of day and no one will think you're a working girl. It's amazing how instantly sexy one feels when they've got glossy lips. And if you really want to feel sexy, try a lip plumper.


Just a spritz of your favorite perfume can be enough to make you feel sexy, especially when spritzed in strategic places. Don't waste it on your clothes, either, as it's the feel of it on your skin that makes everything go jelly. To feel feminine, try something light and floral. To feel sexy, try something more musky.


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