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5 Great Fall Date Ideas!

Updated on August 22, 2016

The time of the year is finally approaching! When you think of Fall, what comes to mind? Pumpkin spice everything, leaves changing colors, colder weather? Well even though we're losing our cute flip flop and colorful pedicure season, you cant help but be excited about getting those boots and over sized sweaters out and hanging out with your main squeeze.

There's just something so romantic about the Fall season. Here are some cute date ideas to really make the most of it!

Fall Festivals:
You may already know of festivals going on in your area. Its a great way to have fun without having to shell out tons of money. Also, a great way to introduce your special someone to your friends.

Pumpkin Picking:
Go to the local pumpkin patch. The crisp air and wonderful colors all around you will make you want to cuddle closer while strolling through the fields. Maybe while you are at it, check out a local farmers market. Pick out some fresh veggies and fruit to cook dinner together!
Take a look at the links below for fall inspired drinks and grab some ingredients while you're there!

Corn Maze:
Face it, getting lost in a corn maze is pretty romantic! You both can share some laughs, kisses, and definitely figure out who's the better navigator in your relationship.

Movie Night:
Rent a movie to cuddle up to. Something funny always does the trick but hey, if you're up to it why not rent the latest horror movie or go with the classics like Friday the 13th or Carrie.

Haunted House:
These set up houses can be pretty terrifying- get your blood flowing and be terrified together. You may see a side of each other you've never seen before!

What night isnt complete without some yummy cocktails! This Apple Pumpkin Beer cocktail is delicious and easy to make!

But if that isnt your thing, check out this Apple Pear White Sangria! If you like fruity, sweet wine then this should be your go-to drink!

Now go have some fun and make sure to steal some kisses throughout the night!

Be sure to share your favorite Fall Date Ideas with us in the comments! :D


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