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5 Great Low Cost Wedding Ideas

Updated on February 15, 2015

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5 Low Cost Weddings

A low cost wedding, can it be true? In the midst of planning their wedding--in the end stages of it in fact—and a very close friend of mine can attest to just how expensive weddings can actually be! Though some may have the financial means to splurge on a Kanye and Kim Kardashian-esque wedding with little to no long term financial implications, a great majority of society will welcome any opportunity at all to save. If you can manage to save a bit of money overall, it will help you start your new life together, and you'll be ready to get going on the right foot. A low cost wedding can actually be a lot more intimate and charming than a big budget fiasco, so you should definitely consider it.

This article is all about 5 potential venues or themes for low cost weddings, and all the issues and potential considerations you might want to take into account before you pick one! And these are not the only ideas out there, just five! Feel free to check out the concepts and alternative wedding venues and make something unique out of it!

Without ado, here are 5 low cost weddings ideas that you may want to consider doing if you are particularly interested in saving some money on your wedding!

Low Cost Wedding: Camping Wedding

Camping and weddings? They don't seem to go together do they? They don't, but only if you have a traditional expectation of what your wedding will be. A camping wedding ensures that your venue costs will be next to nil. As alternative wedding venues go, the great outdoors is hard to beat! I have friends who got married on a spit of rock overlooking the Pacific on a beautiful sunny day. The wedding guests sat on rocks surrounding them, and the birds were singing in the background!

A low budget wedding planner should definitely consider a camping wedding. You don't even necessarily have to spend the night outdoors, you can just have your guests in the middle of nature and then go your separate ways at the end of the night!

Low Cost Wedding: Backyard Ceremony

Another low cost wedding idea: the backyard wedding ceremony! Many of us know people with a home that could be considered a castle by certain standards! A huge backyard full of rolling green grass and tall trees. As a low cost wedding, the backyard ceremony isn't a bad idea at all. Just bust out the chairs and tablecloths afterwards, and you can have your ceremony right there, weather permitting.

This isn't exactly an alternative wedding venue as many people do this, but it's worth considering who you know with a great backyard. This could end up saving you a boatload of cash!

Low Cost Wedding: Destination Wedding

Ok, I know what you're thinking: how can a destination wedding be considered low budget? Well, I didn't think so either until I crunched the numbers. Consider this: if you spend your wedding budget on getting far far away for your ceremony, you may end up saving a lot! Many friends and unwanted relatives won't show up. You can pare down the ceremony and extravagance by simply saying "we spent our budget on the trip and the experience!" You can even combine the wedding and the honeymoon!

Destinations actually can be considered low cost weddings. My friend’s fiancé originally wanted to go to France and have 10 guests. In retrospect, I realized that would have been cheaper than what they ended up doing!

Which was...

Low Cost Wedding: Non-Profit Wedding

A great and soul-friendly approach to low cost weddings is to go to a local non-profit society! My friend found a non-profit camp facility on an island that gave them an incredible deal on the venue. What they get out of it: a nice donation and catering business. What they got out of it: an incredible venue at a fraction of the price!

There are a lot of non-profit societies that have nice facilities you can make use of. Think of your connections. These alternate wedding venues are sometimes unique, and an experience your guests will remember. A low cost wedding is easier to arrange than you think!

Low Cost Weddings: A Farm Wedding

Ok, so you've probably guessed I'm a sucker for the outdoor stuff. A farm wedding is a low cost wedding idea that will probably be cheaper than most commercial venues. Just find a cute little farm in your area and approach the owner. They'll probably be delighted, especially if you mention how wonderful, well-kept and beautiful the farm is. It is true that a hint of genuine flattery can work wonders in persuading a farm owner to allow you to use their farm as a venue for your ceremony. It's an alternative wedding venue that sometimes includes cows, sheep and other animals! It will almost certainly include picturesque fences and hay bales, perfect for wedding photo opportunities!

Consider a farm wedding as a low cost wedding option!


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I love it when couples have access to a great backyard setting. It makes it so much more meaninful and cozy. Love your ideas and hope they help someone with their wedding budget.