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5 Great Reasons to be Single During the Summer

Updated on June 18, 2017

What will be the scope and objective of this article?

With the first day of summer approaching, people are busy planning their vacations. Many of these people are married or they are with someone in a serious relationship. If you are single, you are probably wishing that you had a significant other in your life so that you could spend time with them at the beach or go on a vacation with them. The fact is that if you look really closely, there are some good reasons to be single especially during the summer season. This article will be beneficial to all the women out there that are looking for a different perspective. I know that I am not a woman but I’ve been single long enough to help people in this world feel better about their single status. June is considered to be the first month of summer in countries such as the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Here are five great reasons to celebrate your single status during the summer:

Women relaxing or exploring the forest

This woman is enjoying her time spent in a forest in Asia.
This woman is enjoying her time spent in a forest in Asia.

You can freely take a trip to a coastal area, forest, or even a place that has lots of nature

  1. If you are currently single, you can go to the beach by yourself and you don’t need to wait for your significant other to have the time to go with you

Being single allows you to have the opportunity to go to the beach any day of the week that you want to do that. If you want to go to the beach on a Sunday afternoon, there is no one there to ask you why you are going to the beach on a Sunday. There is no need to consult with your partner or spouse and wait until they have the time to go to the beach with you. You are free to go to the beach to lie in the sand, play volleyball, surf and swim whenever your schedule allows that. I took a trip to Japan’s Enoshima Beach many years ago and had a great time. I even had a chance to taste some delicious ice cream! The amount of activities that a person can do on the beach is endless! You can also go to a forest and take a look at all of the exotic plants that it has and you can really take the time to appreciate the nature.

Much easier to plan a vacation

2. Planning vacations is much easier with no spouse involved

When there is a spouse involved, you always have to wait until they can take time off their work in order to go with you. And also, when you are married or with a significant other, you can’t just leave your spouse at home and go to Jamaica for two weeks. Think about this for a moment. How many people leave their wife or husband at home and go on a summer vacation by themselves? Probably almost no one does that unless they have to go on a business trip with the company they work for. That is a different story of course. But in general, not too many people would go on vacations without their husband or wife would they? They wouldn’t want to risk being criticized for not taking their partner’s needs into consideration. This is one of those times where a holiday actually is a holiday for those of you that actually can take a long enough vacation. Those of us that live in the United States get an average of two weeks of vacation time per year if that. So we must take advantage of our single status and travel to that exotic country that we’ve always dreamed of traveling to.

Less money spent on a vacation if you are single

3. Your airplane ticket, hotel reservations and vacation expenses will cost a lot less money

Vacations can be very costly especially during the summer when the prices of airfare, hotel reservations and other expenses tend to be high. This is especially true if you go on a vacation with your spouse or significant other. But if you are single, there is only a need to reserve a room for one person. There only needs to be an airline ticket purchased just for you. And your vacation expenses are going to cost less.

Increased social opportunities

4. You can go and meet anyone that you like and there is no significant other to be jealous or angry at you

When you are single, you can go outdoors and meet anyone that you like. This one is obvious. You can talk to anyone you like and even spend time with them and there is no need to think about having to hear from your spouse how you spent all that time talking to the woman or man that you met at a social function for example. So, go right ahead and take advantage of this opportunity and meet as many people as you can. Vacations are often times one of the best ways to meet people because you are always visiting different tourist spots. Or you might be invited to a wedding while on vacation. Weddings usually have lots of people attending them so the chance to meet new people is really good.

You can even go to a beach to relax or do meditation

This woman is doing some kind of meditation at a beach area. Meditation is known to reduce stress and anxiety and make us more focused and calm.
This woman is doing some kind of meditation at a beach area. Meditation is known to reduce stress and anxiety and make us more focused and calm.

The summer is yours to plan the way you want to plan it

5. You can spend your summer the way that you want to spend it

This last reason is somewhat related to reason #1. Especially during the summer, your time is yours to spend as you want to spend it. If you want to spend one of the next three months in Japan, there is no one to prevent you from doing that. If you want to spend the entire summer in your local area watching movies every day, you can freely do that also.


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