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5 Highly Effective Ways to Determine if You are Dating a Married Man

Updated on December 10, 2009

Sleeping with a Married Man

Sleeping with a Married Man
Sleeping with a Married Man

You’re a good woman. You have so much to offer a man that you sometimes have to wonder if you’re over-qualified for the position of being someone’s girlfriend, and eventually, his wife. There may be someone in your life right now that has been causing you to question yourself. If you have begun to wonder why your new love interest is acting so strangely, you may just be dating a married man without knowing it! Here are five ways that you can play detective and find out the real deal behind your man and his sneaky ways.

1. He says that he doesn’t have a home phone. Your new boyfriend has given you his cell phone number, but he tells you that he doesn’t have a home telephone. “It just makes sense,” he says, “I’m never home anyway.” This is a clever way of keeping you from being able to call his house, pinpoint his exact whereabouts at any given time, or do any snooping that will give you his real address by doing a reverse search of the phone number.

2. You can only call him at certain times. He has to wake up early the next morning for work, so you shouldn’t call him after eight o’clock at night. It will only disturb his sleep, and he’s finicky about that. They don’t allow him to receive phone calls at his place of employment, so you should let him call you when he gets free for lunch. In reality, keeping your phone calls at bay ensures that his wife won’t accidentally pick up the phone or glance at the name and number of the caller should you choose to ring him up unexpectedly.

3. He doesn’t let you visit his house. Here’s a tricky one. Of course, not being permitted to see where he lives is a huge red flag, but you should also beware if you are allowed to visit ‘his place’, which he shares with a male ‘roommate’. This is probably his best friend who is letting him pretend to live there whenever he is with you, so that you won’t discover his real four-bedroom ranch style home in the suburbs. Think about whether you have ever seen him change clothes in this place that he brings you to. Does he have his stuff there, or does he tell you that he keeps it somewhere else?

4. He cuts dates short. When a man does his best Cinderella impersonation, acting as though his car will turn into a pumpkin if he stays out with you too late, you have to look at him a bit sideways. Why is it that your dates never extend into the late nights? Could it be that there is a woman watching the clock miles away, waiting for her husband to warm her bed?

5. He looks nervous when he gets calls on his cell phone while he is with you. It never fails. A married man who is attempting to hide his infidelities will always get a call from his wife at some point while he is with you. He may try to play it off – trying to look nonchalant as he ignores it – while he thinks of a clever way to excuse himself to call her back. If your man takes plenty of private calls out of earshot from you, claiming that they are from ‘work’, you just might be dating someone’s betrothed!

Above all else, never second-guess a woman’s intuition. If you are wondering if your new lover is married, the truth is that he probably is. Stay observant, and once you know for sure – run for the hills! That is a drama that you don’t want to star in. There is someone out there who is better worthy of your precious time. If you do find yourself in a relationship with a married man, you will want to know what to do if you can't seem to let him go. Read "He Loves Me More, Even Though He's Still Married to Her!", available at Sleeping with a Married Man .


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