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8 Hot Honeymoon Ideas from

Updated on October 10, 2009


You’ve splurged on everything the from perfect hotel to exotic excursions, but that alone won’t ensure a romantic, once in a lifetime experience.  It’s all the romantic, intimate moments in between that will help start your marriage on the right foot.  These special moments don’t have to break the budget. is an innovative new company that will provide you with a FREE “Online Personal Relationship Assistant” to help you keep your honeymoon and married life fun, fresh, and sexy.  Fill out their short “Online Relationship Profile”  at and they’ll email you hot new date ideas and relationship tips tailored to your lifestyle and location, at a cost range specific to your unique budget. emails personalized “Creative Date Ideas,” “Little Thing Tips,” and “Sex Tips” right to your inbox.  Their “Reminder Emails” remind you of all your important upcoming anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays with unique gift ideas to match!’s intuitive system ensures all of these tips and gift ideas are tailored to your “Relationship Profile,” ensuring you will only receive ideas specific to your lifestyle, location, cost range and relationship type/status.  For all single folks out there, don’t feel left out; caters date ideas to those dating, married, and single. has compiled 10 “Sexy Ideas” to take advantage of on your honeymoon.



  1. Place a call to order room service to order ice cream with toppings on the side.  Think chocolate syrup, whip cream, sprinkles, strawberries, caramel and don't forget the champagne. After a nice dinner out suggest you have dessert in the hotel. Take turns blindfolding each other and tasting the goods, or turn your partners body into a plate and lick it clean. The beauty if this trick?  You won’t have to wash the sheets.  (Be sure to leave room service a little tip.)
  2. Make your bedroom more romantic and spread rose petals all over the bed and around it. If you have a ceiling fan, drizzle rose petals on top of the blades and have some candles going so when you turn on the fan the petals come down. You can wait until she is in bed so the petals float down on her.
  3. Add some serious anticipation and desire to your sex life by making love without using your hands. It will force you to be creative. Use your lips, your tongue, you get the idea!  See who gives in first!
  4. Have some fun with candy lingerie. Made like those innocent necklaces you had in grade school, the candy bra and candy G-string are a tasty way to spice things up. Click on the link below and go to "New Hot Products."
  5. We encourage you to watch beautiful sunsets whenever possible … but, sometimes, watching the sunrise can be even more spectacular.  Get up early, pack a breakfast picnic and find a cozy spot with a good view to watch the sunrise together.  You will feel refreshed and romantic!
  6. To build anticipation for dinner one honeymoon night, re-enact Mission Impossible. Make a CD, "Your mission should you choose to accept it. Meet a handsome, dark-haired stranger for a romantic evening at XYZ restaurant tonight at 8 p.m. Wear a sexy black dress with sexy lingerie underneath." Leave the CD somewhere where you know your sweetheart will find it with a note that says, "PlayMe." We know it sounds a bit cheesy, but if you actually did it they’ll appreciate the thought and it will make for a good honeymoon story.
  7. Do you like to play games? Then put a new spin on an old favorite. Play naughty Jenga. Write racy dares on each game block; when you pull one from the tower you have to act out the dare that is written. Have fun!
  8. Create a "Fantasy Jar." Both you and your partner write 25 fantasies down each on different pieces of paper. Include long lovemaking ideas, those for quickies, those that involve the outdoors etc. Each day of your honeymoon pull out a new idea from the jar and enjoy making your fantasies come true!



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