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5 Ideas for a Cheap Wedding

Updated on July 1, 2013

Wedding season is coming! A bride's wedding day is her day to act like a princess. She should be spoiled because hopefully it only happens once. The bride who finds herself on a tight budget might feel less than spoiled, though, and with the rough economy, many brides are feeling the squeeze. Don't worry though, there are plenty of ways to get that perfect ceremony on a small budget! Pull in all those who love you and cash in on their creative sides!

Invite Fewer People

Hacking into the guest list is going to be the hardest part of the planning. Every guest adds expense to the wedding, from the food to the necessary seating. It's hard, but the guest list needs to be limited.

Invite close family and mutual friends of the couple. Strike the distant cousins or the childhood friends from the list, unless you are still close to the friends.

Less people means less expense overall. The reception area can be smaller, as can the decorations and favors for each guest. A smaller guest list also loans more attention to each individual guest during the celebration.

Reduce the Venue Cost

Look outdoors for the venue. There are plenty of beautiful gardens or parks which will charge less for weddings simply because there are no associated building costs. If the great outdoors isn't your idea of a great wedding, search for flexible venues.

Look for venues which will work with you. Ask about discounts on weekdays at reception halls or village type lodges, such as the American Legion. Find out if you can cater the event yourself and reduce the cost of the rental hall.

Finally, search for venues that don't have a reputation as wedding venues. Some people have been married or had receptions in places such as museums or opera houses for much less than a traditional known wedding hall. This will avoid price gouging by places which charge more due to a reputation for wedding locations.

Cater the Event Yourself

You can hire your own caterers, which will be cheaper than a caterer provided by a wedding venue reception area. You will also be able to choose your own food instead of being trapped in the standard slim choices provided by wedding caterers.

If a caterer is just not in the budget, search within your inner circle. Perhaps there's someone who can help you prepare the food for the reception. Bulk food stores will provide all the necessary ingredients. Simply grab the ingredients for your favorite dishes then recruit someone to help you put it all together.

If asking your friends and family for their help isn't for you, hire a few culinary arts students from the local college to help out. They will be cheaper than caterers and college students are always searching for extra income.

Set Up Your Own Noise

Be the DJ at the reception. Set up a sound system and play the music you want to hear. Advances in music players allows for playlists that can be hooked up to some really nice amplifying speakers. You will save money on the DJ, and if you have to purchase the equipment for the party, you will have a nice setup for your future music enjoyment.

Renting the equipment is also an option. Music players, speakers and tables can all be rented, and they are often cheaper than a DJ.

Explore every musical option and compare each cost side by side. Determine what is in your budget and what works best for you.

Help, Not Gifts

Your family and friends are very talented. Ask for their help in exchange for gifts. Do you know someone who can build a really nice cake? Ask for a cake for your gift. Do you know someone who will take the microphone and announce your wedding party? Ask for that instead of hiring a professional DJ. The talents of your friends and family can come in handy, and it saves them from having to choose a gift.

Exchanging talents for gifts means less on the registry. If you are going to use talents in lieu of gifts, use the registry only for what you absolutely need. Those who are not helping out will still want to bring a gift, so be very selective with your registry.

How to Make Your Own Bouquet


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    • beckieland profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Mayglothling 

      5 years ago from Binghamton NY

      Oh. That's a good point. I guess you would have to find a compromise in there. Perhaps invite those with talents or do one or the other. These are suggestions to be used together or independently. There are far more ideas in the book I linked to at the end.


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