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5 Valentine Gifts for Men

Updated on December 28, 2014

Valentine Day Family Guy Style

A very Manly, but depressing, Valentine's Day interpretation.
A very Manly, but depressing, Valentine's Day interpretation.

The infamous Valentine Day Gift

Every year around February a short of funny time of year happens. This is one of the only times a year a girl can be stopped dead in her tracks at the mall from shopping. Why does this occur? Well, its because Valentines Day is coming up soon and she needs to think about what her boyfriend/husband would want, or more importantly find meaningful to link the object to her. Now in this journey the female will be driven crazy. The male will think about Valentines Day in a different way then she will. She will think and struggle to find the perfect gift for him, seeing she finds the perfect everything all the rest of the year for him. But he, he will just sit there in his underwear watching tv...she will not even know he got her anything thing or tried at all amounting to more addition to her rage. With this in mind, I decided to help the wandering girl out and make a list of somethings that she wont go wrong with getting him. Not only will these items be successful, they don't need to cost you an arm and a leg ether!

Hand-Picked Favorites

Sterling Silver Cable Link Chain Necklaces & Bracelets 3.8mm Nickel Free Italy, sizes 7 - 30 inches
Sterling Silver Cable Link Chain Necklaces & Bracelets 3.8mm Nickel Free Italy, sizes 7 - 30 inches

Solid Sterling Silver, Italian Made, This is A Thin ROLO Chain. it has an excellent finish and it's Completely NICKEL FREE. Comes in 8 different lengths priced from $12.77 - $54.74

Casio Men's AW80D-1AVCB 10-Year Battery Ana-Digi Bracelet Watch
Casio Men's AW80D-1AVCB 10-Year Battery Ana-Digi Bracelet Watch

Classically masculine, it has a round watch case with gray screw-down accents on the top of the case and a triple-link stainless steel bracelet band. The black dial is supplemented with luminous hands and hour markers, Arabic numerals around the outside of the dial, and small minute indexes. With the 30-page databank capability, you can store phone numbers and quick reminders (with up to 8 letters and 16 numerals per page). Other features include a 10-year battery life (CR2025 battery), auto calendar (programmed to the year 2099), LED light with Afterglow, and water resistance to 50 meters--suitable for swimming but not for diving.


5 Never Fail Valentine Gifts for Men under $50*

1. Chain - Just like girls, men do like some bling. Not any cutesy girl-y pendent items, but a fine chain to wear around the neck. The chain doesn't need to be gold, silver chains make nice gifts. I have received a few myself and I love them, wear them everyday and helps remind me of my girlfriend. These hold great value for someone that can last forever, if taken care of properly.

2. Watch - Guys love to know the time. More importantly, they love having good looking watches to wear, especially if the guy is very prideful or businesslike. There are great watches for under $50 available new that will surely please any guy.

3. Expensive Pens - Now, being an owner myself, I got to say a fine Pen/Pencil combo I received was a great gift. I keep them on my desk, ready to sign papers or better yet checks with. Nothing gives you a better sense of accomplishment then having a great set of writing tools, especially to someone in a boss-type field (but doesn't have to be!).

4. Gift Card - Wait, Im not just putting gift card down as an option, that's too simple. When I say gift card I mean 1 of only 2 choices, a Best Buy or a Sports/Hunting Store gift card. Depending on your man's personality and interests, almost no guy can be unhappy with one or the other. If you have someone who likes to hunt or fish, then sports store/hunter, if your man likes anything else other then fishing, hunting, or football/sports - then get the Best Buy gift card.

5. Home Made - Nothing in the world should be worth more to the person who lives you then something you make them. If you have a skill like drawing, then draw something for him, if you sing then record a song for him. These always make a man feel good that you care so much about them you took your time to create it for him.

*All suggestions can be more then $50 depending on the individual, sales, and availability of products.

A Mans Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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