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5 Original First Dance Wedding Songs

Updated on July 10, 2011

First things first: this article is an opinion. By no means are the 5 songs that I choose for the original first dance wedding songs, are the 5 best original first dance songs; they're are thousands upon thousands of music to choose from, and finding the perfect first dance wedding songs is a journey you have to undertake yourself.

Then, you may thing, what's the point of this article?

To help guide you; to help give you ideas on what kind of wedding first dance songs you want. Do you want a cool first dance song? Do you want a rock and roll first dance wedding song? Perhaps you want a more original, and a more modern, first dance wedding music. The point is is that what may seem like an unusual first dance song to me, might not be for you.

Take everything with a grain of salt. And have fun.


5 Original First Dance Wedding Songs:


The Tallest Man On Earth - The Gardener

This is an interesting choice for a first dance wedding song, which, I think, makes it a great choice if you're looking for an original first dance - plus it's a kind of cool first dance song.

You're first probably wondering, 'Who is the tallest man on Earth?'. Unfortunately the man who sings this song isn't the tallest man on Earth (that would have been cool if he were, though), but his voice and songwriting ability put him pretty high above us all.

With a voice like Bob Dylan, and melody that is beautiful, this is one of the best first dance songs for weddings.

He sings, 'So I could stay forever more in your eyes, babe,' with conviction and believablity; when you're dancing to this song it almost feels like it's your words and your thoughts he sings - and, for a moment, it is.


The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

"I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images, and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned.. "

And so begins one of the greatest love songs of all time (it's all opinion, remember).

The Postal Service were a single album band that made music that was a mix of electronic, pop, and folk rock; it made for an eclectic album full of deep lyrics and soulful meaning. 'Such Great Heights' is one of the best songs from that album.

This is perfect first dance wedding song, featuring cool beats, and good lyrics, to make it memorable. It's also, I think, one of the coolest weddings songs.

"...the windows down when this is guiding you home."


Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

For the last few decades, or so, Peter Gabriel has been one of the leaders of Pop music; and by Pop music I don't mean the mechanically synthesized kind. No. I mean the Pop music that has beautiful melodies, choruses, and lyrics.

'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel is no different. Is it a very unusual first dance song? Probably not as much as you would thing, but it is an original wedding dance song, and one that will fit perfectly in any wedding.

'In your eyes the light, the heat. In your eyes I am complete. In your eyes I see a doorway to a thousand churches.'


Collective Soul - The World I Know

One of my favorite songs of all time, I'm not sure if this is the perfect first dance wedding song - but who cares. You're not here for direct answers; you're here for ideas.

Collective soul is a soft rock band that keeps both it's lyrics and music simple. The result is music that can be, at times, simply beautiful.

"So I walk up on high, and I step to the edge, to see my world below. And I laugh at myself, as the tears roll down. Cause it's the world I know. It's the world I know. "


Angel and Airways - Breathe

A much more modern song that is both contempary and very original. If you're looking for a wedding song, a first dance song, that no one else will have played, well, this is the closest you'll get it.

With big, sweeping, lyrics about love, it's the perfect first dance wedding song.

"Did you know? That I love you."



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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Ann - Each of these redheaded bauteies has a wonderful personality all of their own and you've captured them all in your photographs so perfectly. Thank goodness I don't have to choose which one I like the best! Beautiful ..all beautiful.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Angel and Airwaves is the correct name! But cool choices for dance songs


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