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5 Questions a lady should ask her man

Updated on November 19, 2014

Everyone has the good and the bad part. The person with whom you choose to spend the rest of your life should be able to enhance your strengths and work on your weaknesses. He should make you feel like not only the best version of yourself, but the truest version as well.

There are several questions that you need to ask whoever you are into a relationship with. Before you venture into any relationship, make sure you understand the true purpose of that relationship. This will give you a sense of worth and a vision to achieve a goal in your relationship. these questions should not be asked on the first date, but maybe on the second or third as the case may be!

What are his plans for the future?

It is very important to know the plans of the man you are willing to go into a relationship with. Where he sees himself in the next few years ahead is a very important question. His response will determine if he has the right plans or not. The more interested you are in asking these questions, the more information you will get from him. When you’ve known what his plans are, you can then know if you can fit into his plans or not.

Relationship with His Mother

It is important to know his relationship with his mother. This part should not be underestimated, he’s relationship with his mother tells how things will go in the future - yes! It doesn’t mean that there will not be some challenges or misunderstandings, but you’ve got to know how he sees his mother and their relationship as mother and son! When you’ve asked him that question, and he replies something like; “we are not in good terms”, then know that it is a danger signal. A man who has no good relationship with his mum will have little or no respect for women. Even when he accepts that he is in good terms with his mum, you will discern from his attitudes towards you.

Why Does He Want You?

This question should be asked in politeness and sincerity, with smiles on your face, in order to avoid him getting you misunderstood. There must be something that attracted him to come for you. Do your best to know what that is. This will help you create the right foundation and reason for that relationship to workout. Each of his answers will reveal a lot more about him, whether he’s serious about the commitment, or he just want to use you to fulfill his lustful desires.

His relationship with God

If you meet a man who has no solid foundation in the things of God, you’ve got to be careful with him, have nothing long term to do with such person. You may say “I love him, and I will do my best to change him”; this may not really work by your own personal effort. It could cause a problem. I’m not saying that you can’t date a man who doesn’t go to church, or who has a different belief system than you. But if his core beliefs don’t match up with yours, then there is likely to be a problem, so watch it!

What Does He Do For A Living?

Every man who is ready to make a relationship interesting should have a good and sincere source of income. If he has nothing doing, then he has to find one and get busy. Don’t make him feel you are asking because you have personal needs to be met, make him see you as someone who is interested in his well being. It will make him develop great love and respect for you. In the normal sense, if he loves you, he has to meet your needs, but there are hard times, and there are good times, use your feminine power and wisdom to balance the equation, and you will get the best out of your man!


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    • Prince Bethel profile imageAUTHOR

      prince bethel 

      3 years ago from Africa

      Wow... thanks janshares for stopping by to read, and for voting up, finding my hub useful, informative and well written; You are wonderful!

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 

      3 years ago from Washington, DC

      Great points about what to look for in determining if he's relationship material. Informative and well-written, voted up and useful.

    • Prince Bethel profile imageAUTHOR

      prince bethel 

      3 years ago from Africa

      Thanks a million for reading my hub, you're the best!

    • Thish profile image


      3 years ago

      Interesting article and so does the comments. Keep on writing.

    • Prince Bethel profile imageAUTHOR

      prince bethel 

      4 years ago from Africa

      That's right savvy, at the first date, she should not ask him these questions. The first date should be a happy and pressure free moment, getting to know each other! You truly understand my reason for this hub. I appreciate you for stopping by to read my hub. Thanks a million!

    • savvydating profile image


      4 years ago

      All of the questions you asked will need to be revealed eventually. Though a woman may not ask all these questions on a first date, she will need to know the answers at some point before she can entertain the idea of a more serious and meaningful relationship. I get the impression that you are looking out for the welfare of women, and I appreciate that very much. Nice job.

    • Prince Bethel profile imageAUTHOR

      prince bethel 

      4 years ago from Africa

      That was an interesting response from you Dash. Most of these questions should not be asked on the first date, because it's gonna make her look like a missionary. Healthy and long lasting relationships starts from simple friendships, which grows with time as both parties get to know each other. Generally as you said, if either person doesn't sense some ''chemistry''(an emotional feeling or attraction) and they enjoy being with each other, it is true that none of the answers to these questions will matter, but as time goes on, questions will spring from different angles that needs answers, mostly if their being together has no relevant reason and purpose...

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      I believe a woman will learn more from listening and observing.

      Some of these questions if asked on a first date can come off as conducting a "job interview" or being presumptuous.

      Generally speaking if either person doesn't sense there is some "chemistry" and they enjoyed being with one another then none of the answers to these questions will matter.

      Suppose his mother is dead or she gave him away. Maybe bringing her up is not going to put him in a good mood.

      Why does he want you? Odds are he isn't sure that he does want her. He asked out (because he found her attractive) and wanted to learn more about her. Generally speaking men don't ask out women they find to be unattractive nor do they want to spend money on them.

      The God question only matters if you're in the market for spouse. If you are a high school or college student your primary focus should be on graduating. If a lady just got out of a bad marriage or is happy with her single status then dating is supposed to be a "fun" and "sociable" activity. When you start asking men about their relationship with God they take it to mean a woman is looking to get married and have children. A first date light and easy going. Allow him to reveal himself.

      What does he do for living is not a bad question for a first date. Neither are follow up questions like; "What would you consider to be your (dream) job if you could have it?"

      In my opinion first dates are about establishing whether or not there is chemistry between you, have a similar sense of humor, easy to talk to. As I said if either party doesn't have a good time there won't be a "second date"

      If someone thinks you're "hot" they will say whatever they believe you want to hear. That's why no one should take the "infatuation phase" too seriously. Both people are too busy trying to "impress" one another.

      Only time together will reveal one's authentic self.


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