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5 REAL reasons women hate men

Updated on December 13, 2012
"You wouldn't happen to be into anal would you?"
"You wouldn't happen to be into anal would you?"

Note: This does not apply to all women.

Once upon a time while I was surfing the net, I came upon a website titled I HATE,000 members strong. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the site and Lo and behold my whole computer screen was plastered with hate blogs and comments of women who hated the men in their lives and ranted on how all men are the same(even if we and they know that's totally not even possible) and how they hated men in general-those vile, disgusting pigs. As I further searched on, I found out that there are more websites and blogs that talk about reasons to hate men. So why exactly are more and more women having this unexplained hatred for men? I can see y'all saying "Well, that's obvious." and I agree with you. With all the rising statistics in rape, murder and domestic violence cases and not to talk about all the sexism and double standards radiating in the air, there's lots and lots of reasons to stay away from men but what about men who are genuinely nice? Men who would not think about hurting or raping any woman(Yes, there are tons of them)? Most of these guys are not even given the time of the day. Just as how men are trained to hate women, women are also equally trained to hate men.

Here's how.......

5.) The Cinderella syndrome.
We all know the story of Cinderella; The blonde haired maid who finally met her Prince charming rescuing her from a life of poverty and suffering. According to society every girl wants to meet her Prince Charming/Mr Right someday. In fact an example of how ingrained the idea is in women's heads is when Jersey girl was giving a comment on how she felt about marrying Kevin Jonas, she said and I quote: 'I feel like Cinderella.'. Granted not every woman was raised with stories of Cinderella but the reason why it is called the Cinderella syndrome is because many women believe or rather are trained to believe that there is a Mr Right out there; a man who will one day make thing better, a man who will marry and whisk them into a happily ever after and most women will stop at nothing to find that guy.
The cold hard truth is: Such a guy does not exist. Yes, there might be a guy who you can manage to spend the rest of your life with but men are only human with hopes, dreams, faults, insecurities and (eek!) sexual urges. Of course Prince Charming might waltz Cinderella around like there is nothing on his mind but the ball. So, when women find out that Mr Right isn't so right after all-say after one or two divorce settlements-they are filled with anger; yep, if this guy isn't as glamorous as I painted him to be so all men must be this way. They don't lash out their anger at The Disney studios or their mothers, on, they lash it out at the guys preferably via internet or television. I think it's time for women to realize that life's way too short to keep on believing a dream that you wish will come true.

"You WILL love me."
"You WILL love me."

4.) Female Masochism entitlement.
Waves like The Cinderella syndrome, religion and some crack in history has given rise to a worldwide, age-old epidemic: Female masochism. Usually among some of men's arguments against women, they usually ask why most women think they're entitled to everything just because they are women. The thing is just as how men think they are entitled to women and their bodies because they've worked hard and just because they are well-men, so are women trained to think they are entitled to men's love and worship just because they are women. But what exactly is a woman? To the male race and the Websters dictionary a woman is the physical opposite of a man but to the female race a woman is defined by her ability to absorb pain-and not just physical pain either. Women all over the world take pride in their ability to take pain be it period cramps, pregnancy and labor pains, menopause and not to talk of the extra surgeries, body waxing, use of high heels and other weird body modifications women do to themselves in the name of beauty-corset wearing, foot binding e.t.c e.t.c. e.t.c. There's also the non physical pain or sacrifices women make like taking care of their husbands and kids. Women are trained form infancy that true women undergo these creepy practices and as a reward men would love and worship them. Why do you think that when most famous women(especially non-white women)want to mention their achievements they usually add "I'm a wife and/or mother."? Why do you think women are at a constant tug-of-war with their sexualities?
And the wort part is that most men do not realize the tremendous sacrifice their partners make for them in the name of love which leaves them fuming and frustrated. Another form of masochism that is readily being adopted by many young girls is low self esteem. If you care to read some teen girl/chick lit books you'll notice that they all have one thing in common:The heroines reek of low self-esteem. Famous books like The Princess Diaries, The Bridget Jones Diary and Twilight have characters who are not happy with the way they are. Even the latest 50 shades of Grey book's character Anastasia Steele is a total loser. Yet, these girls all wind up with hot, awesome guys who love them, buy them gifts and do other romantic, stupid stuff. What these books tell young girls out there is that as long as you keep wallowing in the depths of you low self esteem and keep putting your self down you will one day find a great, cute guy who will love you eternally, call you beautiful every second of every day, shower you with gifts and make you feel(As Rihanna clearly put it) like you're the only girl in the world. As these women get older they finally realize that even though you have $20,000 boobs, have spent all your life taking care of your husband and kids, juggle a high end career with being a mom to 5 kids o spend countless hours and a lot of money beautifying your self for your partner. In the end nobody really gives a shit-Well, except Oprah.

This isn't the kind of stuff you'll want to read every day.
This isn't the kind of stuff you'll want to read every day.

3.) The Media.
Let's face it the media-especially television-is one of the most powerful communication tools in the world. It is also responsible for the devastating stereotypes and misunderstandings fueled by society between men and women. Also, the media hasn't been putting men in a really good light. It's almost like every time when you turn on your T.V. or read the newspaper you're faced with horrifying stories of boyfriends killing or battering their girlfriends(Like that NFL dude.), the fact that a women is being battered by her husband every 15 seconds or the fact that a woman is being raped every 7 seconds and so on. The message it gives to women out there is that men are capable of being horrible creatures. Never mind the fact that there are more and more women killing their husbands(and sometimes kids)each year or the fact that one in thirty men will survive a sexual assault. No, the media focuses on the bad deeds done by men and unfortunately this will affect the way most women view men. It's not just horrible thing that are blamed on men, Many sitcoms and shows often portray men in three types: The loser nice guy, the clueless funny guy and the douche bag. All this does is to make women view men as nothing but ignorant, stupid and sometimes repulsive Neanderthals that walk the planet.

Next hub talks about the Top two REAL reasons women hate men.


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    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      2 years ago from London England

      When i was rejected by a potential girl friend at the age of 15 i was completly devastated and felt utterly devastated. As time progressed i found that girl's didn't want to share the same train compartment with me and nobody would dance with me. Then i met a Filapina studying to become a nurse and she told me that she couldn't understand why i didn't already have a girl friend but she eventually jilted me too! But not before she squeezed £2ooo out of me. I began visiting a renown clairvoyant who 'picked up' on my extremely lonely adolescence and informed me i had been black listed by all of the girl's in my home town as i was mistakenly recognised as being unable to succeed in lif The time i was beaten up by bullies after school, it was at the the instigation of a girl who wanted to see me lose.

    • profile image

      The Yellow Dragon 

      4 years ago

      Many people may say that television shows aren't real and they are right, but face the truth: the media give a stronger influence than you could ever imagined. Men are repeatling treated like pure shit in any form of media, and their effects are huge. Real or not, if you are often misinformed that men in general are rapists, your brain will take this misinformation. That's why i think that the reason 3 is the biggest offender. This and feminists.

    • Darkproxy profile image


      5 years ago from Ohio

      There aren't enough mega bytes on the net to document why men hate women, but every single is the fault of women. Here we see a woman making some superficial bullshit reason to hate men, most likely because she is a failure at whatever she is doing and there are men doing better than her.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      dude, i work with a lady in her late 20's who has a bf and has told me her father and a past bf physically abused her. She is really strong and independent, and hates guys. I try to be neutral towards her or slightly polite. When I make goofy jokes she gets mad. When I am calm and don't bother her at all, she gets pissed. It makes for a stressful unpleasant work environment. She acts this way towards all men at our job. Her comments and actions are the single most heinous thing I deal with at my job and I have ridiculous bosses and protocols to follow. I really just needed to vent. I understand being cautious around men after abuse or bad circumstances, taking out feelings on an unrelated coworker (i.e. me) is unacceptable though. I.M.O.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      well i certainly would say there are much more gay women now than ever before, and i would figure that many of them had to be abused by the men that they were with in the past.


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