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5 Romantic Gifts You Should Consider Giving to Your Wife

Updated on June 2, 2017

Romantic Gifts for Your Wife

Rabbits are one of the romantic gifts you can give to your wife
Rabbits are one of the romantic gifts you can give to your wife | Source

Give Her Different Gifts

You love your wife very much. You have been giving her gifts, but you feel it is always the same things you give to your wife; if it is not a card, it is a teddy bear, or a dress, a shoe, perfume, a necklace, or the latest electronic gadget in town.

Why don’t you make a change and give her something she’s never dreamed of getting from you before. It will add to the unpredictability in your marriage and make it more interesting.

What are some romantic gifts you can give to your wife on special occasions, such as Christmas, to surprise her? What are some of the romantic gifts to get your wife so that your marriage will grow stronger?

Give Her a Good Facial Skin Cleansing

One of the romantic gifts to give to your wife is to give her a good facial skin cleansing on a public holiday when both of you are in the house, or on the anniversary of your wedding, or on her birthday. It is easy to do, and it will create intimacy between the two of you, your romantic bond will grow even stronger, and you can also use that opportunity to make her look even more beautiful than she is looking at the moment, so that you will continue to desire her, which will ultimately help to maintain the love in the marriage.

First of all, plan for this occasion. Go to a beauty aids shop to buy cleansing creams you know she loves using. In addition, get lemon juice, an astringent cream, a soft towel, soothing lotion, vegetable oil, a soft clean cloth or tissue, and a mild soap. On one of the days mentioned above, in the early morning, tell her that you have a big surprise for her. Grab her hand and walk her majestically to the bathroom. When she asks you what you are up to, just smile into her face and say to her, “Darling, just be patient. Those who are patient are able to see the entrails of an ant!” Keep her in suspense.

Keep the suspense running for a few more minutes by acting as if you are up to nothing. Stand there and admire her beauty for a few seconds, and then tell her, “Darling, you are the most beautiful woman to have ever walked on the face of the Earth! And I see it as my duty, not only to help you maintain that beauty, but also to make you even more beautiful. I want to give you a great gift; I am going to give you a wonderful facial skin cleansing today!” She will be pleasantly surprised, and she will love the idea of her husband doing beauty therapy. And then kiss her lips first, and then her cheeks, to show you love those parts of her body.

After that, this is how you should go about doing the facial skin cleansing:

  1. Splash her face with warm water, and then follow it with a splash of cold water.
  2. Then, massage a light film of cold cream over her face and remove it with tissue.
  3. Then, use the astringent cream to invigorate her skin.
  4. Then, pat a thin layer of cleansing cream over her neck and face. Do not massage the cream into her face. Let it remain on her skin for about three minutes and then remove it with a soft cloth or tissue, using upward and downward strokes.
  5. Spread a second layer of cold cream on her face. Massage this into her skin, using upward and downward strokes. The cream should lightly cover the entire surface of her face and be allowed to remain on her face for a few minutes.
  6. Then, make a lather of good mild soap in the palm of your hand. With your fingertips apply it over her face and neck. Work it into the cleansing cream. Remember to care for the sides of her nose and her chin.
  7. Remove the soap and cream mixture with a soft, clean cloth, using upward and outward strokes, after five minutes. Then, wash her face with warm water. Make sure you remove all the soap.
  8. Subsequently, splash a lot of cold water over her face. Then wash her face with an astringent such as lemon juice.
  9. Pat her face and neck with a soft towel.
  10. Pat a small amount of soothing lotion, cleansing cream, vegetable oil or cream over her face and around her eyes, neck, and shoulders.

Make it fun by cracking jokes as you do it, teasing her, and tickling her from time to time. Be playful and make that time one she will remember forever.

A good facial skin cleansing is one of the romantic gift ideas for your wife you should seriously consider. This is one of the best romantic gifts for your wife you can give to her to show her you feel she is special to you. The facial skin cleansing can serve as a special romantic valentine’s day gift for your wife on Valentine’s Day. She will love it.

Give Her a Parrot

One of the romantic gifts you can get for your wife, for example for her birthday, is to buy her a parrot. Parrots are very interesting creatures because they can create fun, due to the fact that they can imitate human speech. It can be very entertaining to hear a parrot mention your name, or say something it had heard you say to another person. This bird can infuse humor into your lives and bring lightness into your home, if you get one for your wife as a gift to show your love for her.

So, buy a parrot, put it in a nice cage, and present it to your wife as your expression of love for her. You may decide to get a female parrot and let your wife give it a name.

Teach the parrot to say words of love to your wife. Every morning, stand by it and say, “Ama, I love you,” for example. When you keep repeating it to the bird, it will pick those words up and say them regularly.

The bird could symbolize the love you have for each other, and whenever your wife comes home and the bird twitters to her hearing, she will be reminded of your love for her.

Furthermore, in times when you are experiencing severe challenges, the tweets of the bird will help both of you to laugh, which will help you to lighten your spirits, will go a long way to help you forget some of your worries. Therefore, teach it to say funny words, such as conniption, or tintinnabulation, or any other funny word you can think of.

Buy Her a Rabbit

Rabbits are also nice animals to have around, and they are one thing you should consider when you are thinking of romantic gifts for your wife. They are neat and very friendly, and can serve as good companions to a woman. They can also make you laugh, especially when they stand on their hind legs when you want to feed them.

You can buy your wife a nice, white rabbit, and put it in a cage for her. Passing your hand over their fur is very refreshing and gives a satisfying feeling. Whenever your wife feels stressed out, or when she is sad, she can cuddle the rabbit for some emotional relief. She can also play with it whenever you are away on a trek, or when she feels bored.

A rabbit is one of the cheap romantic gifts you can get for your wife easily.

Buy Her Health Products

One of the romantic gifts for your wife you may consider is to buy her health products. It will signify your intention to help her keep healthy and strong, and she will love you more for this thoughtful gift. The benefits of health products are lasting, and will impact on her life far better than a gift that will give her temporary pleasure.

Therefore, do some window shopping and compare prices at different health shops. You have a choice between getting her natural products, herbal preparations, and vitamin, mineral, or food supplements.

Prior to buying the products, test her pulse and see which group of health products she prefers. Whilst you are chatting with her one evening, ask her something such as, “You know, I have been thinking lately about taking my health even more seriously than I am doing now. I am confused about whether to go in for natural health products, herbal health products, or supplements. If you wanted to use some of these products, which one would you prefer?” This will give you an idea of her preference, and then you can get it for her. And when you are presenting them to her, you could say, “Darling, I want you to continue looking healthy, fresh and beautiful, and so I have these things for you. I know they will help you to continue looking attractive.” The compliment you add will help make her day.

Give Yourself

Another of the romantic gifts you can give to your wife to make her happy and feel you really love her is to give yourself to her. This is the most romantic gift you can give to your wife. Let her feel that you love her by expending your energies to make her feel comfortable in life, and making sacrifices for her.

Another way you can give yourself to your wife is to make time to talk to her. It does not have to be hours on end, but making five minutes, or ten minutes just to hear her share her feelings with you, and making her know that you want to hear her thoughts and inner conflicts, will go a long way to make her feel happy with the marriage relationship.


Giving your wife gifts regularly will help to strengthen your marriage, help you to improve your relationship with your spouse, and make your marriage more romantic, and ultimately make your marriage work. Therefore, practice regular gift giving, and your relationship will get better and better.

Romantic Gifts for Your Wife

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