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5 Things Women Need to Know About Men

Updated on June 28, 2009

The purpose of this page is simple, women just need to know the hidden truth about men. The stuff that keeps us happy and free from cheating or committing adultery. Cause honestly, men actually think about it before cheating. They think about their actions and way their decision based on how their current relationship is going. So, I am going to give women five things that they need to know.

1.) Men need an Outlet

If you are married or in a serious relationship that is going on for some years now, know that men need an outlet. Basically, this is time away from the romance and love that is going on with their partners. This is the time where they may go out to drink, grill, fish, watch sports-center or even playing the video game. They need hobbies that reflect back to their youth when they were kids playing football in the streets. It burns energy, keeps them level and relieves stress that might be built. As a woman, it is important that you identify these hobbies and do not interfere with them. Because once that outlet is broken or neglected, they become agitated and quick tempered. Reason being, they need that space to reflect and when it is broken it becomes a problem.

2.) SEX, Men need Sex!

Sorry, but bottom line here is men need sex! It is a given that normally in a relationship men sex drive is higher than women. Men have an extra chromosome in their bodied that makes them want to reproduce majority of the time. They were made like that and it can't change. As a spouse or partner it is up to you to be there and respond to urge that is there. I do know that in some situations or just any old ordinary day, women are not going to always be in the mood; however, if a women has refrained from intercourse with her partner for months, months and months, then don't be surprised of the consequences from doing that. Men understand that women aren't going to always be in the mood. Women should understand that in order to keep her partner happy and satisfied she doesn't need to refrain from intercourse this long. This the one thing that is going to lead to adultery and just like in the introduction paragraph, men sometimes think before they cheat and if it is worth the risk of stepping out, in order to have intercourse and they have a long layoff with their partners. Guess what!! They are going to step out and cheat 9 out of ten times. Now, if you are in a marriage it is different. Men sometimes get to this point and accept it; however, those that don't feel like they shouldn't have to settle for this regardless. Women should always remember,actually men and women should remember, that there is someone else out their that will performed the need if it is not been satisfied at home. But if you play the dirty game, be prepared for the consequences!

Also, men need women with a high sex drive. To be honest, every man needs to have a woman that can meet his sex drive. Majority of men, have a sex drive. This doesn't mean that a woman has to throw herself to a man. She just needs to be spontaneous, creative and willing; however, take make the sex better this should go both ways and males need to be this way too.

3.) Appreciated

Yes ladies, all men would like to feel appreciated. If you are woman that can honestly say that you have a good man at home, show him that you appreciate what his is doing. The worst thing a woman can do is add on more problems for a male. Not cooking, leaving the house nasty or just racking up excessive charges on a charge card. By doing this, you are become more of an expense than an asset to his daily activities. If a man feels that he his appreciated by his woman he will continue to handle the ongoing problems in a relationship and he will have the self-awareness that his lady appreciates it. Good Males, will do all that they can to make sure his wife is living happy. And, in some instances, this can be very difficult in a relationship. You may have a woman that is high maintenance and requires a lot of attention to keep her happy. Even this particular woman can show her appreciation by surprising or just saying she appreciates /love what he is doing. Men take great pride in keeping their women happy it is part of their pride. They would rather do all they can to make their women happy at home then to have another man come in and do it for them. A biggg no, no! Most women do not know this and abuse this affection. Those are the ones that men step-out on because they think that the man is supposed to do this and they are living in their own fantasy world. Remember, a woman that shows appreciation is a keeper and the one that becomes more of an expense has to be replaced.

4.) Taking Initiative

Taking initiative as a woman is actually something that can separate you from other women. This is an ability that is rare and you do not find in most women. A man appreciates any woman in a relationship that makes being or living with her easier. This can be performed in numerous ways: making sure the bills are caught up, going to the grocery store when needed, or taking out trash (pizza box, or coke can box) when needed. These are simple task that can make things easier to him. Ladies imagine how many women actually help there hubbies cut grass, almost none. I bet you that if you were to get out their and help cut grass or something, your man would probably pass out. But, if you did this and your hubby brag to his friends about you doing this, they are going to tell him ," Man you got a good woman at home, I can't even get my wife to wash the damn dishes, you got a keeper man", and believe it or not men love to hear this coming from their friends. The fact that their friends make comments like this reassures them that they having something that other men don't have. Also, this reassures them that they need to do all that they can to keep her happy and by his side. Find something in the relationship that separates you from the rest. Do not let it be just sex or cooking, women are more than that to men. Find something that he does by himself that can be done together and made fun. Take initiative it works!

5.) Hanging with the Guys

Rolling with the homies! A man appreciates a woman that he can take to just about any setting. Especially if it is to a sporting event. Try to be more open to going to sporting event with you man. Now, it is actually more too it than just going, try to enjoy it. If he takes you and you have that look like you are ready to go, then he is going to feel un-easy about taking you again. A woman that can hang out with the fellas is a wonderful thing. This represents that the male has a down to earth woman be his side, which is something that separates her from other women. Also, men admire women that take part in some of their hobbies like: fishing, video games and sports. Try to participate in some of the activities, some not all. The benefit of this brings you into his world and may be fun in the long-run.


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    • ds1151 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I appreciate the positive feedback from everyone. I felt this article will shed light on our behavior during critical times in a serious relationship.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 

      4 years ago

      On target and makes good sense. A very interesting subject.I think if more woman read this they would see a mans point of view. I think most men will go through hoops for the woman they love as long as she shows the same love back. So they can feel appreciated and resprcted. Have a great night.

    • Danext profile image

      Dan Lema 

      4 years ago from Tanzania

      Nice article, it's's time women also understand these things....very important....

    • Hariom Singhal profile image


      5 years ago from INDIA (Haryana) SAMPLA

      SEX, Men need Sex!Yes it is true.But women also want sex.If she does not then there is problem in her health.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hmmm..educational..coooooooool.. :D

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hmmm..educational..coooooooool.. :D


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