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5 Tips on Getting Over Your Ex Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Updated on October 21, 2013

Get Over Your Previous Relationship

Here's How

1. Delete all photos and videos you both had together

Tend to look at your phone's photo and videos when you are bored? Well, high chances are that you will stumble upon your the photos and videos you had together with your ex's and this is what hurts you again and again.

Once you are DONE in a relationship, make sure to delete all the photos and videos that have "him" or "her" in it as soon as possible!

If you are not reminded in a long period of time, you will forget about him or her real soon!

2. Avoid going to places that you two used to go together

Always spend the time with him or her with the nearest cinema of your house? Don't go there again!

Use extra effort to travel a little further to avoid places you both used to go together. It always will bring back memories when you go to similar places every time. So if you want to watch some movies, go to the cinemas that you don't always used to go, start a fresh experience!

3. Meet new friends, especially people in the opposite sex

There's a saying, "Old ones don't go and the new one wouldn't come". So try to mix with new friends and especially the opposite gender! If your time and mind is occupied with new friends, there is less chance for you to think about your ex!

Don't close your heart for new relationship. Every new friend is a new opportunity for a brand new relationship. Don't tell yourself "I need a rest before I start a new relationship again"!

Hang out with your best friends and for sure you will make new friends out of them!

4. Occupy your free time with hobbies and activities

Our brain will start spinning and thinking whenever we are free. If you have nothing to do on a casual Saturday, chances are high that you will think of the time you spend together with your ex.

So, don't let it get over yourself!

What's your hobbies? Playing video games? Shopping? Reading a book?

Now it's the best time to pick up your hobby once again as you don't need to spend time with another person! You can do whatever you like and what pleases you.

If there's no free time, there's no chance you will remember about him/her!

5. Start a new relationship

Some people are always "searching for the right one", that is why they are still single now, isn't it?

There is never a need to "search" for the right one. The right one is the one you meet in your life after you have spend enough time with them, understand and know them.

Don't let personality or profession blocks your views. If there's a chance to start a new relationship, just go ahead.

It's good to get over your previous one and also give yourself another chance to meet the "right one".

© 2013 sanzteoh


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