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5 Tips on How to Attract an Asian Girl

Updated on March 9, 2012

Some of the hottest Asian women are searching for true love. A lot of them are just waiting for honest sincere men to love them and become soul mates. There are many aspects to Asia woman that they find attractive about the. It could be their uniqueness, the air of mystery, or their love of family. No, matter what your obsession is with beautiful Asian woman the question remain how to you attract them?

1. Location -finding beautiful Asian woman is not difficult you just have to know where to look. Just like any woman they have different interest and hobbies, they like to take part in. Some like to shop, some like sports, dance, eat, anything you can think of there is probably an Asian woman out there that like something you like. Asian restaurants are one place that is great for searching for Asian woman.

2. Be yourself -there is nothing better than a western man that is completely themselves. If, you try to act like someone you are not you are going to put off a false personality. Asian woman is very good at picking up on the falseness of your sincerity. So, if you really like that hot Asian woman in the corner when you talk to her make sure you do not put on a false front.

3. Compliments - Asian woman love compliments, but only if they are sincere. If, you compliment a beautiful Asian woman on her hair that is fine but do not indulge and try to over compliments. They will find this a turn off and want to go talk to someone else.

4. Conversation - When you talk to an Asian woman make sure that you keep the conversation going. Ask a lot of questions about what she likes. You may find that while asking a lot of question that you will find something in common to, quickly start a conversation. If, you find that you have nothing in common then say good bye and look for another. Not everyone will click the first time they communicate.

5. Dominate – Asian woman are use to having dominate men in their lives. Now this can be approached two ways. With the mind set, of a western woman and the concept of feminism some Asian woman like to be individuals. But, since they have had nothing but dominate men in their lives it is also going to help them feel secure if you are little stronger. It is a fine line to walk and will earn you a lot of respect in a beautiful Asian woman’s heart.


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