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5 Ways To Make Your Hubby Happy

Updated on July 19, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Hubby Happy
Hubby Happy

It has always said that a happy wife leads to a happy life. That maybe true, but doesn't happiness works both ways in any relationship. A happy wife and a sad hubby is not the greatest recipe for a happy marriage. I always tell wives that a happy hubby leads to a lot of spending money! There are many great men who have gone out on the limb to please their wives and to simply make them happy. They read books on happy marriages, they spend quality time with their wives, they help in house chores and just do about anything to please their damsels not in distress.

Wives must reciprocate such acts to make their husbands happy. As a matter of fact, making a man happy is much easier than making a woman happy. The reason why many women fail in this area is because they get advice about makings their husbands happy from women who have never been married and has never held a long and serious relationship. Wives go out and by fancy magazines and books written by these women who have a list of 100 ways to make your man happy when the truth is it only takes about 5 ways to really make your hubby happy. And guess what? These 5 ways are listed below.

Making Hubby Happy
Making Hubby Happy

1. Support His Dream

I have heard this one over and over again. "She doesn't support anything I do and thinks my dreams or hobbies are unimportant." Wives, you must remember that whatever your hubby devotes his time to, no matter how wacky or far fetched it may seem. It is quite important to him and the best thing that any wife can do is to provide supporting and encouraging words to her husband and support his dreams, hobbies and aspiration. If possible, even pitch in to physically help in whatever he is doing just to really show that you genuinely care about what he is doing. People dreams can be the same, they can be different. Everyone aspires to do whatever makes them happy. Encourage him, push him forward and I assure you that you will end up with a happy and appreciative husband.

2. Don't Nag Him So Much

Men are not talkative creatures and will always do more and talk less. They hate it when they have to come home to a woman who Nags him all day instead of giving him welcome home kisses. Nagging is a big turn off for men and this can even lead to your husband leaving out the home and ends up in some sleazy bar with a woman who is just desperately seeking someone else husband to cash in on that night. Wives should know that there are ways to communicate pressing things with their husbands without sounding or being too nagging. Let me tell you, if a happy wife leads to a happy home, then a nagging wife leads to a lonely home.

3. Give Him Plenty of Room Love

Men have a higher room desire than women. They expect to be pleased by their wives much more than once per month. Women tend to use the bedroom to get back at their spouse for either doing something or not doing something which didn't find favor with them. The room should be a sanctuary of love and communication. It shouldn't be that place where the wife turns her back to her mourning husband.

4. Give Your Husband Gifts

Sometimes I believe that this gift giving is a one way street in favor of women. When you look at many of the special days which are celebrated you will see that there are much more things available for women's gift than those for males. Take for example, Valentines day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, etc. All these days are heavily focused on the female, mother, sister, daughter or wife. But what about the men who have given their all and have been the backbone of friends and families? Don't they deserve a little something special now and then. Wives should ensure that their husbands are shown some kind of appreciation by buying them gifts just as their husbands would by them gifts. Whether it be a new tool, a jersey, a video game or just a simple card to say thank you.

5. Learn To Cook

Nothing goes closer to a man's heart than a delicious home cooked meal. Women, take my foolish advice, if you want to catch a guy, cook him something good. But the thing is, It has become the norm now in many households where nightly dinners are now popped in a microwave and popped out 5 minutes later and devoured for dinner. Dinner is suppose to be a beautiful romantic treat. It is suppose to have taste, heart and sole put in creating it so when it is eaten love pours out from every bite. You really want to make your hubby happy? Cook for him. Cook something you know he loves. If you can't cook, go learn. After all, cooking is not that difficult.

Make Your Husband Happy
Make Your Husband Happy

Happiness Is.....

Remember, whatever you put out comes back to you two folds. If you put out misery, contention and all the bad things which causes relationships to break apart, that is what you will get back in tern. But ones you go one hundred and ten percent all out to make your husband happy, that positiveness will come back to you two folds and he in tern will just have to go all out to make you happy. So what do you believe will happen when both parties go all out to make each other happy? Conclusion, a happy life.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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