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5 Ways To Save A Marriage-Use The Ones You Want

Updated on October 22, 2011

Ways To Save A Marriage

As we all know when we get married it should be the happiest day of our lives.  It is two people coming together as one.  Even though they are one now they still brought in two different varieties.  Of course after the marriage nothing is ever perfect and at times we will come across conflict in our relationship.  The conflict could be from a number of different things.  When two people are involved they wont always agree and sometimes things will go wrong.  The bad part is things could get bad enough that one or both of you mat end up looking at ways to save a marriage.

We all know that we dont want to end up talking about divorce because in almost all cases that has such a negative effect in so many ways.  The good thing to know is that in most cases a marriage can be fixed.  Below you will see 5 of the best ways to save a marriage.  The key is putting them to work and making them happen.

The first step to making things work in a marriage is admitting there may be problems.  First off be honest with your self and then work on the issues.  Its important to identify where things are going wrong.  If you dont move forward to figure out whats wrong then you could never fix the problem.  Just accept that there is a problem and work on it.

Its hard to fix things if no one is willing to admit there is a problem.  If you feel things have changed with your partner then you need to ask them and find the reasons,  If there is denial then the best way to do this is confront it,  Just come out and ask and stay until you get an answer.  Even if you think the conversation isnt going anywhere you can usually pick up on small hints through out the talking.

When it comes to working on your relationship t usually means more.  Getting things back to honeymoon fashion is a great way to move forward.  Small things like dates, kisses, cuddles and small surprises will go a long way.  Just go back to the days you were both smiling 24 hours a day and get things back like that.

Both of you need to be able to express how you are feeling.  As you express your feelings you need to make sure your partner is seeing things,  Once you get the big things resolved the rest of the things can become a lot easier to deal with.  They may not get fixed over night but they may get a lot easier.

When ever you are trying to fix a relationship there will always be road blocks.  With the road blocks at times communication becomes difficult.  You need to avoid all the negative issues that may be trying to steer you in the wrong direction.  Even once you are aware of the outside pressures you need to focus on the goals you set your mind on.  The cool thing is you do not have to give up after one try.  If something fails move onto the next solution.

One of the most important things when you are looking for ways to save a marriage are making sure you are accepting the right advice.  Where ever you decide to get your advice from it needs to be good advice.  Please understand you are looking for only good advice.  Good advice will work while bad advice will probably wreck a marriage.

Knowing the ways to save a marriage will help you as you work on fixing the problems.  The best thing is if you focus you stand a good chance of living a great life.

Ways To Save A Marriage-Help

You can say what you want but most people end up looking for some help when it comes to fixing their relationships.

Another thing is most people dont want to air their dirty laundry in front of a stranger.

Also feel free to check out the blog.

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      I tried very hard for 10 years and the more I tried the more he but on pressure. At the end I had to face divorce. It was the worse thing I ever had to do.