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5 Ways To Tell Someone That You Love Them

Updated on October 1, 2015
Getting away together is just one way.
Getting away together is just one way.

More Than Words...

Sometimes it takes more than just words to tell your partner how much you care. In the early stages of the relationship, you may both be on cloud 9, and the declarations of love come easily. But over time, things calm down a little, and sometimes we neglect to express our deep feelings for each other. This is a real shame because expressions of true love can really add value to our lives.

What do we do if we want to ignite the spark again, and to feel a little closer? How can you make things feel a bit more like how they were at the start of your connection?

1) Be flirtatious.

In the beginning, you were both constantly trying to get each other's attention, and impress each other with your innuendos. Do you still do that? It doesn't have to be anything overtly inappropriate, but you likely have inside jokes or happy memories that you share with each other that you can whisper about every once in awhile. Make your partner see you in that sexy context; without that sort of exchange at least ever so often, you can fall into the territory of turning into room mates or friends.

Why not seduce your partner with the same passion as you once did, or send them naughty pictures during the day while they are at work. Never lose that playful quality to your relationship; this is what makes it all fun and worthwhile!

Mood lighting is always good...and it hides the pimples and/or wrinkles and/or anything else.
Mood lighting is always good...and it hides the pimples and/or wrinkles and/or anything else.

2) Set the Mood

Light some candles. Put some roses on the bed. Play a song that both of you were into when you first got together. Do something stereotypical.

At worst, your partner way roll their eyes, but at least they will know that you cared enough to put something together just for them. Sometimes it's not what we do, but what it reveals about our intentions that is most important.

If you are a terrible cook, there's always alternatives.
If you are a terrible cook, there's always alternatives.

3) Make a Nice Dinner

Tasting delicious food is one of those sensual experiences that many people find is second only to love-making. Why not have them both? Cook something up that you both will love, and put real effort into its presentation and taste.

If you can't cook to save your life, maybe a trip to a decent restaurant would be more your style. Either way, enjoying a good meal and a good time together bonds people to each other.

4) Send a Letter

In this era of instant-gratification, people rarely take the time to send letters--even just simple e-mails--telling someone how much we love and appreciate them. Don't wait until a special occasion--send the letter on a random day and let your partner be surprised by the spontaneous gesture. It just might make their day.

It might be a good idea to find the time to write a physical letter specifically. There's something about the personal touch of a paper-and-ink letter that makes it seem more thoughtful than something typed. Your handwriting is also more personal and unique to you than the uniform look of typed words, and this will definitely give it an intimate touch.

Just spending time together in new surroundings can make all the difference.
Just spending time together in new surroundings can make all the difference.

5) Get a Change of Scenery

When you're at home, the things we need to do from day to day can pile up and become stressful burdens to us. It can take a toll on our relationships, especially if we've built a life together with our partner.

It may be a good idea to run off, even for just a few days, to different surroundings and to take a break from the pressures of daily life. It can be an opportunity to forge a stronger bond and to experience greater intimacy without all the distractions. Even from a personal, individual standpoint, this can be a good idea, because it refreshes the mind so that can better face the challenges of everyday life.

Love doesn't always look like a giant heart-shaped sunset...but when it does, it's purple and there are people dancing around.
Love doesn't always look like a giant heart-shaped sunset...but when it does, it's purple and there are people dancing around.

Come Up With Your Own!

These are just a few ideas, so always remember to remain creative and show your partner how much you love them in as many ways as you can! After all, you're the one who knows your partner best and if you've been together long enough, you should be an expert at what tickles their fancy. You already know what to do; all you need is to make the time.

Are Your Going to Implement Any of These Suggestions?

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