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How to Entertain Your Girlfriend for Under $20

Updated on February 27, 2012

The world is an expensive place. Throw in the hustle and bustle of every day life's expenses and thinking about spending money on things other than what is absolutely necessary becomes a headache. However, one of life's necessities for many men is the company of their women. And sometimes, spending a little money on your significant other can go a long way in promoting wellness and happiness in your relationship.

More often than not, $20 goes a very long way.

You don't always have to pamper your significant other with expensive dinners at restaurants and overnight stays at luxurious hotels (just so she can use the spa for an evening). In fact, despite what is commonly thought by men, women can be reasonable. Creativity and a little affection are appreciated. So here are five ways to entertain your woman for an evening for under $20:

1) The Stay-At-Home Dinner Date

Your living room and kitchen, no matter how small and cramped they may be, can be a very romantic place fit for a pleasant meal together. One of the most romantic ways to share food with your significant other is the non-traditional Chinese hot pot. Forget about all that heating equipment and fancy sauces. Hop into your local supermarket and pick up a few different vegetables and thinly sliced meats, and pair them up with two or three cans of chicken broth. And all of a sudden you've got yourself a delicious and potentially very romantic dinner date for two, all under $20. Just cook everything for a couple of minutes in your wok and bring the entire wok out onto the dining table. Then share the meal together!

2. The Early-Morning Commute

Sounds strange, I know. But waking up very early and booking a train ticket to somewhere far away is a very romantic way to spend a few hours together with your significant other. An example, from Boston, a trip to New York by bus or train takes a couple of hours. By waking up very early, the city will still be asleep, meaning your trip to the train station will be quiet and it will feel like you have the city to yourselves. Those waking hours are very romantic, especially with the sun just rising and the morning dew still hovering. The bus/train ride gives you two an opportunity to cuddle and sleep while you go to your destination. And, more often than not, two people can get somewhere pretty far away for under $20.

3. The Exotic Movie

Though very cliche, going to see a movie with your significant other can become a very special and romantic occasion if you choose not to go to the big movie theatre downtown but pick a movie at your local indie movie theatre. Also, see a film that is in a different language - preferably one you both do not understand. As a result, you'll have a talking point as soon as the film is finished. Also, chances are that the movie theatre will be empty because nobody will see the movie no one can understand. Sitting in the middle of an indie, slightly rundown movie theatre watching a movie in a language that is exotic sounding can be one of the most romantic things to do for under $20.

4. The Stay-at-Home Spa

Though this one takes a bit of effort on the part of the giver, the stay-at-home spa is an excellent way to spend a few hours and relax in a romantic environment. The key is to temporarily transform your bedroom or living room into the most cosy place in the cosmos. For $20, hop down to your local supermarket and pick up a few candles and scented thingymabobs. If you've got a little bit of money spare, pick up a nice-smelling lotion. Then dim your living room or bedroom lights and light the candles. Spray the scented stuff around the apartment and offer a massage to your significant other. They'll be happy, and for an hour (or however long the dexterity in your hands last) you'll transport yourselves into another atmosphere. A really excellent way to pamper your significant other, and relax yourself.

5. The Late Night Coffee

Because coffee is considered a pick-me-up by most people (the jumpy, I-always-need-a-Starbucks-in-my-hand people are the reason for the "most"), coffee at nights isn't always the best idea. However, for a romantic little stroll and chat, taking a late night walk to a coffee shop is a very romantic way to spend a couple of hours. This works even better during the early-spring and late-autumn when its slightly chilly outside and a warm drink is an exquisite way to top off a nice stroll. Coffee shops tend to get quiet after dinner time and become great places to have a conversation and sip on a warm drink. And, for $20 you can get all sorts of drinks - if coffee isn't your cup of tea.

As you can see, there are many ways to entertain and pamper your significant other with just a $20 bill. So next time you're short on cash and need something to do for a couple of hours to make your significant other feel special, try out a few of these methods. I'm sure you already do a lot of them with thinking too much about it, but a few little touches of effort and ordinary things can easily become romantic endeavors.


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    • Dan Barfield profile image

      Dan Barfield 

      5 years ago from Gloucestershire, England, UK

      Some good ideas here - now I just have to translate that into English £...


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