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5 Ways to Make You Instantly More Attractive

Updated on May 14, 2013

5 Ways to Make You Instantly More Attractive

As a body language expert, do you believe me if I tell you that in 5 ways I can make you more attractive no matter what shape and size you are? Well you better believe it. In the next 5 minutes you spend reading this blog will change your life in ways you can never imagine. And as you realize that all of these 5 steps are being done without needing a word coming out of your mouth. Did you know that 93% of your communication is through body language and tone of voice? And only 7% of what you say is matters? And yet everybody always have the tendency to focus on WHAT they should say when really they should focus on HOW they should say things. Though in this article ... I won't even have you utter a word ... and yet you will be sending whoever you spoke to home with the constant thought of you in their mind all day long. That's right, welcome to the world of subconscious body language of attraction.

Let's get to it shall we:

#1: Mirroring

Believe it or not ... when you mirror someone's body posture such as the way they stand, the way they use their hand, the angle in which their body is facing, or EVEN down to the rate of how fast they blink their eyes ... it will cause them to dramatically be more comfortable and like you.

When someone is being mirrored ... in the back of their head it's screaming "Hey this person is JUST like me, I like him/her!" Mirroring is one of the strongest tool being taught to salesmen and businessmen. Apply this in your every day interactions with people and you will be amazed.

**For a more thorough explanation of subconscious body language... please visit my other blog at:

#2: Licking Your Lips

This creates more of an attractive impact to the opposite sex more than you could imagine. Licking your lips is a a very strong subliminal message that draw the opposite sex subconscious mind to your lips. And sooner or later in the back of their mind they will start imagine being kiss by those lips. Ever wonder why there are tons of advertisements on a beautiful girl licking their lips in a sexy pose ... and yet that have nothing to do with the product being advertised? Every wonder why LL Cool J is known to be a ladies man? Observe and watch how often he lick his lips and how he is known for ladies wanting to kiss those lips. This is one of the strongest attraction body language that is over looked.

#3: Touching/Kino

If you apply Kino at the right time during an interaction ... it causes tremendous attraction towards you. When you invade somebody's personal zone at the right time with a slight friendly touch to the arm or a flirtatious touch to the hair/hand ... you have jumped yourself to a whole new level of trust and comfort with that person. Just make sure that you touch at appropriate places or else you will experience a whole new level of a lifestyle in jail or broken arms.

#4 Triangle Eye Contact

This is EXTREMELY strong seductive eye contact. Works both for male and female and I am sure it is something you have seen plenty of times but yet notice. Gazing deep into the opposite sex eye (starting with left or right one) and then glance to the other eye, then glance straight down to the lips ... then back up to the eye you started. As you draw the triangle with your eyes ... keep in mind that you should alter your state of mind as if you really want that person. Your state of mind is extremely contagious, if you are just going through the motion with your eyes and just thinking of the steps ... you might look awkward and scare the other person off. Everybody is anchored to that seductive triangle gaze at one point or another by someone they love... you will trigger that sensation feeling up their spine when you deliver it. Make sure you mean it with your gaze ... and it can be done at any time. Especially at unexpected moments ... it will throw the person off guard.

#5 Confidence

I know I know. It's cliché. But it just has to be said and will always be the most important thing in being attractive. Everybody senses lack of self-esteem and self-consciousness like sensing you are about to pee your pants when an elephant charging you. Especially women! They can see through lack of confidence like seeing through a glass. Can you fake confidence? Yes. Certain things you can do with your body language that can fake confidence, but sooner or later it will show. I know this is easier said than to be done, but the best and only way to have true confidence is to train and work on your state of mind. Learn to love yourself. Focus on your good qualities. Learn to be comfortable with who you are. Once you are able to do that ... you will naturally attract other people. Your state of mind changes, your body language and everything will change. Your body language speaking what your mind is thinking and feeling ... you can only fake so much, why not spend the time learning how to fake on learning how to be a happier and truly confident person. The question is ... is your mind strong enough to do so?


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    • profile image

      precious 3 years ago

      did you have a serious relationship???

      but this is good i'll try this may i join......

      what the feeling if you have a boyfriend have an ex girl friend

    • machtacktion profile image

      machtacktion 6 years ago

      :) do it with confidence and you will see wonders

    • poeticmentor profile image

      Asahda Shavaja Poet of the New Age 6 years ago from New York City

      cool will try these. vote up useful