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5 Wedding Cake Trends to Help Inspire You!

Updated on January 19, 2016

Weddings are one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. A ceremony where two people are united in marriage as one, and promise to love and cherish one other as long as they both shall live. It’s the day many of us dream about.

Nonetheless when it comes to planning the big day, there are many choices out there; especially when it comes to the wedding cake. Nowadays you can transform pretty much any idea into reality, which sparks the question, which style will you go for?

Below are a few cakes to help inspire you, all made from our cake shop here in London, Wimbledon.

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes have undoubtedly taken the wedding cake trends by storm. To describe them in three words, we would say they are simple, bare and beautiful. They are merely a cake without any frosting or outer icing to show off the beautifully baked sponge that’s traditionally on the inside. That said, if you’re thinking of a rustic or vintage themed wedding this cake would be perfect!

Naked Wedding Cake
Naked Wedding Cake

Ruffled Cakes

For a simple yet sophisticated wedding cake, look no further than ruffles. Although subtle, this style is truly effective with its stunning 3D like detail which can also replicate a brides wedding dress. In this case less is more and ruffles are one the few cakes designs that need no extras. The detail speaks for itself and will no doubt make a statement as the centrepiece of your reception.

Ruffled Wedding Cake
Ruffled Wedding Cake

Floral Cakes

Although flowers have been a traditional at weddings for many years, floral wedding cakes are still a popular choice today. With bold designs and bright colours, flowers whether real or edible can really make a cake stand out from the crowd. Replicating the flowers chosen for the bride and bridesmaids, a floral design can also complement the theme of a wedding very effectively; whether its gerberas, roses or peonies.

Floral Wedding Cakes
Floral Wedding Cakes

Cupcake Tower

Want to try something different and stray away from tradition? Why not try the cupcake tower. Lots of customers over the years have enjoyed the benefits of having cupcakes at a wedding. First of all, by having multiple smaller cakes you are able to choose from more than one flavoured sponge. That’s victoria sponge and chocolate to red velvet and fruit cake; the list is endless. Moreover, with a cupcake tower, your guests can enjoy an individual treat each at the end of the day!

P.S. As an alternative, many people are now choosing macaroon towers!

Cupcake Tower
Cupcake Tower

Half and Half

As bride and groom, is it likely that you cannot agree on any of the above ideas. Problem? Of course not! Amongst all wedding trends, the half and half cake is one of the most recent. Keep the front traditional and elegant, then the back… well that’s a blank canvas ready to be designed with all the creative ideas you have! From the hulk as pictured below to Lego bricks and characters from your favourite film, the half and half cake is a statement that can reflect and express the personalities behind the couple due to marry.

Half and Half Wedding Cake
Half and Half Wedding Cake


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