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5 Real Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

Updated on February 11, 2018

Give your love another chance!

5 real ways to strengthen your relationship:-

A lot of discussion has already been done about this topic and people have suggested all the cliché ways to express love, tell your partners why they are so important and what place they have in your heart. Express what they mean to you, that they are the reason of your existence, the reason why you breathe and you can bring the moons and stars for them and what not. All the people who give these kinds of advices have not dated a human being for years or else they would have known that all these methods are creepy and will only increase your differences. Here I am with 5 real and significant ways to strengthen your relationship so please pay attention.

  • Be Real: - Don’t try to pretend someone you are not just to please the person you love. It may initially give you some bonus points but it will not work for long. Be real and let them fall for that. Don’t try too hard, go with the flow naturally. Initially it may progress slowly but eventually everything will automatically fall into place. Real people are always more attractive.

  • Share your feelings: - Share everything about you with your significant other. You should not think before speaking. When you are with them there should be no filter, as if you are talking to a mirror. Tell them about your fantasies, your dreams, your ambitions and your problems. Share your insecurities, your worries, tell them if you are sad or feel jealous. Get angry if you feel like; don’t pretend to be perfect because no one actually is.

  • Be a keeper: - A relationship is not just about you or just about them, but it is about both of you. Sharing your feelings is important but equally important is to listen to what they have to say. Be a patient listener, have a warm heart and try to empathize. Being real is important but equally important is to accept your partners with all their imperfections. You must be able to handle all their mood swings because you have no less. Be a keeper!

  • Efforts count: - Cook for them, arrange their bags, plan a date for them, and maybe you can try to make a beautiful card on their birthday. Do their work as if it is your own. Go on shopping with them, sing for them, do anything which can make them happy if you are in a good mood. Buying expensive gifts or flowers is not what they need. Your efforts count!
  • Be Loyal :- The most important rule in any relationship if you want it to last long is “NEVER CHEAT” Cheating has no excuses at all, end your relationship if you are not happy in any which way but cheating on your partner is certainly not done. Stay loyal and trust your partner with their loyalty. This is how a healthy relation works.

These were 5 meaningful and practical advices which would work for anyone. Giving up is easy but holding on is difficult. Love can break you into pieces but you cannot just sit in a corner scared of what will happen if it will turn into a heart break. We are all hungry of love and we must give love a chance and use these methods to strengthen our relationship. All the best!

© 2018 Yashika Kulkarni


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    • Yashika Kulkarni profile image

      Yashika Kulkarni 2 months ago from Jabalpur

      @dashingscorpio Thank you so much for your comment. But I would advise you not to judge the entire article by its two subheadings. All the great authors you quoted are the ones which I get inspired from. If you are not happy in a relationship anymore, if you feel stuck, and the worst case, if it is an abusive relationship, then you must move on. But if you believe in your relationship, you love each other immensely and are drifting away because of reasons unknown to you then you can use these ways to mend it. True love is rare to come by and it should be saved at all costs. Personal opinion though, I am very optimistic about love and its value in life.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 months ago

      "Holding on might be difficult than letting go, but it is always worth it." Actually I believe it's the opposite!

      If letting go was easy there would be no one feeling stuck in an abusive relationship.

      Letting go involves making {changes}!

      A lot of people prefer a "known certainty" over an "unknown possibility." It takes courage to let go. Change scares people.

      "There's a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough." - Anonymous

      “Being with no one is better than being with the (wrong) one.”

      - Anonymous

      "Save your love at all costs." - May not be your best bet.

      There is no amount of "work" or "communication" that can overcome being with someone who does not want what you want.

      Compatibility trumps compromise.

      The goal is to find someone who (already is) what you want.

      Like attracts like and opposites attract divorce attorneys!

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde