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5 reasons pushes you to delete your friends on Facebook for keeping your mind safe!

Updated on May 22, 2016

Unfortunately Facebook is no longer socially also began is no longer the best way to communicate with friends and learn more about their interests and turns day after day to become once more like an episode of news does not stop or become a means of control and psychological pressure from the large number of friends and do not forget to compete strange present on the social network months between different generations is trying to impose itself strongly, especially in the Arab world scene.

But these are not the only reasons you'd want to get rid of some people on your buddy list, and maybe she was the first but your mind is now in danger of chaos publications and the number of friends of Facebook that if more than 150 friends will press on your mind and will consume the energy that must be provided for something else according to research published by Oxford University at the beginning of this year.

1. Number of Facebook Friends may affect your mind

The research report said it is difficult to the human mind absorbs more than 150 friends and over time will begin to be affected by the chaos arising from the others and may have caused some confusion in the ideas and prefer the mind to focus on a simple circle of friends and acquaintances who are around him in the real world and feel the presence of their personality, according to the report that relatively normal average buddy list up to 200 people from the vicinity of friends, study, work and danger points, an average of 338 friends and there are many of us this ratio has exceeded absolutely.

2. Facebook will prompt you to sacrifice some relationships

15% is the average number of people who have in their friends list on Facebook more than 500 friends Unfortunately, statistics and social studies have shown that these people with the time lacked real contact and face-to-face affecting the weakness of their relationship with some people and interrupted with time due to the disintegration of many of the themes and dialogues It can not be classified importance on Facebook and cause them to spend more time thinking and trying to participate in this world and forget about the previous real relationships.

You can certainly sense in some interviews and public events influence phones and social networks on visual communication and spiritual between humans and stands always an obstacle and distracted minds, asserts d / Dunbar of Oxford University to increase the number of friends has a direct impact on time management and administration in the person's life and fewer friends whenever will be able to focus on the important and profitable for the time things

3. Protect your privacy comes after deleting friends from Facebook

Without doubt, the presence of many of the people in your life will affect your privacy and will lead to the intervention of many friends with do not care and you can not control the humans think and minds and the way they operate, therefore, good that was in the vicinity of friends many who may understand your interests and the things you like and provide space Privacy is always pushes you in without bother to respond and engage them in the maze.

There are settings in Facebook allows you to show pictures and publications of some friends or some groups and hide it from others, such as relatives and family members or work groups, but did not know about many of the Facebook users and leave the settings are available for all to see in the Buddy List or to the public and you can access them from setting Settings, and then Privacy settings and you can determine the appearance of this page publications for some individuals and groups only control the images and also means of communication separately.

4. Clean the publications page of the News Feed

If you do not clean the Home “News Feed” for the Facebook site which shows you daily publications' nothing will happen to your mind soon, there are dozens of daily publications of several people in your list and most of them do not respect your interests, therefore, you can cancel the appearance after these publications or hide all publications from a specific page by clicking on the arrow that appears next to any publication on Facebook.

Do not forget to also cancel the follow-up and action Follow some people who Azajunk publications may be wasting your time and your mind as not benefit you or makes you feel happy and said D / Dunbar and researcher Konikova at Oxford University report that cleaning out the news page will lead to you the best and close social experience personal to you so do not feel you have become in the chaos and prevent you from developing your relationships nearby.

5. Persons on Facebook are the most disturbing

Maybe I felt some hassle of friends Facebook or famous pages, but do you know how much they are uncomfortable and how people affected when they are turning to Facebook and randomly constant nuisance?

In 2014, there was a statistically on a group of 2,000 users of Facebook and the reason delete them to friends and this was the greatest results:

Boasting over 68%

56% publications directed “directed #, # unintended.”

48% of requests for games

41% draw excessive attention

38% of excessive exaggeration in selfie pictures !

You through knowledge of the previous annoying things that represent the bulk of Facebook to make sure that you should always clean the Buddy List to spend less disruptive time, especially after the spread of these previous habits significantly during the recent period it makes sense to get rid of those who publish some things that are bothering you and pushes you to think negatively affects your energy and productivity required to finish some tasks.

How do you can decide to delete people on Facebook?

Certainly when you press delete button Friends “ Unfriend “ You may feel some sadness and maybe do this at a time when emotion emotions and anger Therefore, you can delete some knowledge and the people who have added only because they add one day no longer among you any communication does not see them, but in some nagging publications certainly the decision is always up to you to decide who will need today and some years from now. From personal experience I delete some friends and I felt more comfortable after a short period


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