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5 Signs She's Crazy | Things To Look For On A First Date

Updated on July 29, 2011

Signs That Your Date Might Be Crazy:

Most guys have dated at least 1 crazy girl in their life. They usually start out as really intense relationships and eventually end in mass chaos. If you've dated your fair share of crazy girls you might want to know how to determine early on if a girl is crazy.

Most of the crazy girls I know were made crazy by a guy. However, there are some instances where men have dated girls who are a little nuts because they do exist.

Unfortunately you can't just come out and ask a girl if she's crazy because crazy girls always lie. Instead you have to read the signs. Picking up on those signs on a first date might be a little difficult because she will be on her best behavior. However, here are some things to look out for.


She Talks About Marriage Or Children Early On:

While she might not be certifiable, any girl with a brain knows to keep her mouth shut about getting married or having babies early in a relationship. A girl that brings it up early might not be insane but she is clearly husband hunting so be warned.

She Talks About Her Ex (and / or his new girlfriend) In An Extremely Derogatory Way:

Everyone has gone through a break up and they all suck but girls who are REALLY angry at their ex probably have some issues. Especially if a good amount of time has passed between their break up and now.


She Starts A Fight With Your Early On In The Dating Process:

Anyone that starts a fight with you on the first date (or 2nd or 3rd) is probably a bit unbalanced. Remember that she's on her best behavior right now. Imagine how she'd be a few months down the line when she lets her guard down.

She Cries:

Unless someone she knows just recently died (and I mean recently) crying on a first date is a big sign that this girl lives in Crazytown.

crazy girl
crazy girl

She's Jealous and Insecure From The Get Go:

If you bring up your ex girlfriend on your first date - shame on you. However, if you make that mistake, her reaction is a clear indication of her mental stability. If she becomes jealous or irritated by your bringing her up, that's a little weird. It's a first date, she has no reason to be jealous.

The other thing to look for is how she behaves around the other women at the restaurant (the bartender, waitress etc). Does it look like she's viewing them as competition? Girls who are that insecure can be unstable as well.

fatal attraction
fatal attraction

Bottom Line

I wish there were black and white signs to tell if a girl is crazy but these 5 things might help you to wean out the psychos.


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