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5 ways to get your spouse to lose weight

Updated on October 11, 2011
A couple eating a healthy breakfast
A couple eating a healthy breakfast

Some couples after a couple years together tend to put on some weight, almost all the time unintentionally or subconsciously. This is a difficult position for the other spouse because it’s never easy telling your better half that he/she has gained a few pounds. The overweight spouse may take it that you no longer find him/her attractive, and wallow in more food thus gaining more weight and aggravating the situation.  It is advisable to approach this problem with trepidation, tact and cunning.

The best way to lose weight is exercise. Diets are not for the faint hearted and if you know your spouse it should be supplementary rather than the first line of action. The most tactful way is to make exercise fun by doing fun things that take off some calories. Make the process of weight loss fun instead of mundane and routine.  Here are some examples of tactful ways to get your spouse to lose weight

1.      Long walks. Taking long walks with a spouse is a perfect way to get your spouse to lose weight. If you’re a romantic partner or your better half is romantic type then this is the best solution. It is well documented that walking shaves off extra calories. 2 hours of walking each day will take off about 630 calories for a person above 85kg. This will do wonders for your relationship since you will spend more time with the one you love.

2.      Pay more attention to your spouse.  When a person feels neglected and unwanted, they usually try to fill the void with food, alcohol or sex. In respect to this topic some people will engage in over eating to fill the void of loneliness since they are no longer the focus of attention. It’s important to make your spouse feel wanted and loved. This encourages them to take greater care of their weight.

3.      Go dancing or take dancing lessons. Taking your loved one to a club or any dancing activity will help in slicing out that unwanted weight. It is a fun activity that almost everyone loves and burns a lot of calories. Dancing twice a week is a good start. You don’t even have to go out of the house. Putting on some nice music in your house and losing yourself in the music is a great way to start your exercises.  Salsas, tango, slow dancing and for the more adventurous ones break dancing, are examples of dances that reduce weight, are fun and are least objectionable by most people.

4.      Bike riding. Bike riding is a fun and a very effective way to lose weight. It helps keep the heart healthy and stabilizes blood pressure. Most people would prefer bike riding to jogging because of the perception that one will get more done on a bike than on legs. The biking route does not have to be rigorous and back breaking. Just 2 hour ride can go a long way to reducing that excess weight. It’s important to note that you are not gunning for the tour de France but just to stay in shape and maintain your health.

5.      Spice up your love making. Sex lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. People find themselves eating a lot because of stress and stress related matters. Well sex is the best way to fix this problem. Thirty minutes of sex will burn at least 85 calories. So if you’re to have sex at least twice a day everyday combined with the above techniques, your spouse will be certain to lose weight. Also with your spouse feeling desirable again, they will tend to watch their weight and what they eat in order to feel desirable in the bedroom and improve performance.

In conclusion, it is important to take into consideration the fact that you are not trying to turn your mate into a miss universe, or a body builder, but just trying to keep them healthy and keep up their self-esteem. You should make your partner feel like you’re trying to change who they are because that is a recipe for disaster in any relationship. Make exercising fun with these 5 ways to get your spouse to lose weight.


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