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5 Ways to Know if a Guy Likes You

Updated on December 14, 2011

Ahhhh Boyss <3

I know for a fact every girl before has liked a guy, or at least wondered if a guy likes her. Figuring out if a guy likes you may not be as easy as it seems in this picture, or any movie you may have watched (girls, get real- you're prince charming isn't going to jump up on a table and confess his love to you in front of everyone, or even something as simple as pass a note) but it is possible. I for one like a guy, but have no idea if he actually likes me or if I am hallucinating. This lens will uncover 5 tips as to figuring out if he's interested.

1. The Way he Looks at You - The way he looks at you, his smile- it all matters.

Now, he might not stare at you and smile at you constantly (actually he might, but then he's probably a creeper so stay away from him- and call the police), but there are ways of telling if he likes you by the way he looks at you.

- If he looks at you allot, then hes probably into you. I know this maybe hard to notice, especially if he sits behind you in class and you don't see him much at school (or wherever) but keep watch from the corner of your eye. If he does turn your way, casually glance at him and try to catch his eye, and if he looks away really fast that means he likes you, but is shy. If what, ask your friends to keep watch, that way you don't have to watch him.

- If you look at him and he smiles, that is a dead giveaway. Unless he's one of your close guy friends, then that might just be a casual thing.

-Apparently if you look at a guy and his pupils dilate (turn bigger), then he likes you. I don't know if this is true and have never tried (but will).

-Also, when you're talking to him, pay attention to his eye contact. If he locks eyes with you for a long time without looking away, he probably likes you. Or it can be the exact opposite- if he's too shy to make eye contact, that can mean he likes you too. Put yourself in his position for this one.

2. Behaviour - A boy's behaviour can give it all away!

Boys usually tend to be shy around the girl's they like, which causes them to do certain things like:

-Smile allot and laugh at all your jokes. They might just smirk instead of laughing, but they always have some kind of a reaction.

-Try to be funny to impress you, which leads us to the next point;

-Trying to impress you. It may not be something really big, but they might do the smallest and what seem like the oddest things which are actually supposed to impress you.

-Trying to attract your attention. For ex: In class, I noticed the boy I like (and I think he likes me too) making all these weird sounds and noises, which I think he does to attract my attention, because when I don't sit beside him, or walk away, he stops. The boy might also talk really loud.

-Getting all self-conscious, for example, not knowing what to do with his hands (he might keep on touching his earlobes or pockets) and trying to act cool. He might pretend to ignore you by talking to his friends about things he might think impress you in a really loud voice.

-Overall being happy when he see's you or hears you're name.

3. Teasing - It may sound weird, but it's true!

Ever heard "If a boy teases you, he actually likes you?" Well, it's totally true. (Or at least I believe it is). Teasing doesn't just have to be rude comments or actions, it can be nice too, I guess.

-If he teases you jokingly by saying "That's so bad", "You're so dumb" or anything else, then he probably likes you. I know it's hard to explain, but guys tend to jokingly tease a girl to get her attention and start a conversation, or make her talk more.

-The "nice" tease I was talking about is when you walk by him with group of friends, and his friends start elbowing him, pointing at you and smiling. Or if you're talking in class and his friends (that are aware that he like's you) come up to him and elbow him, or wink. Look out for weird behavior in his friends. For ex: He asked me to dance with him at a school dance, and his friend's kept on coming up to us and elbowing him, giving him thumb's up and saying " good job."

4. Questions - He wants to know all about you!

If you notice he asks allot of questions about you, and brings you up in allot of conversations, he likes you.

-Ask your friends that talk to him if he ever mentions you - if he does, it's a good sign.

-If he ask's you allot of questions, he's probably into you and wants to know more about you.

Also here's a tip: answer his question so he sees you care, but don't seem desperate. And definitively don't ignore him, because he'll think you're not interested and guys can move on fast.

5.Dropping Hints - These may be hard to pick up, but their there! You just have to look for them.

Now this one is a little harder to explain. If he likes you, he will probably drop hints about wanting to spend more time with you or be with you. For Ex: Today me and my friends ( The boy I like, his friend, and one of my friends) were discussing which high schools we want to go to. He said he will probably apply for an art's school which I thought about going to too. I told him I might go there, but probably will go to my local high school. He then said "fine, make me go alone :)" This isn't something huge, but it's definitively a hint he wants to spend more time with me.

6.If all else fails:

-ASK HIM! No really! This is the only way to let someone know you like them and find out if they like you the same time! :O

If you're too shy to do this yourself (like me) ask a friend of your's to do it. Or, if you don't want him to suspect anything, ask one of his friends to ask him. This is a good idea because most guys are more comfortable sharing their secrets with guys and he won't suspect a thing.

BTW guys usually can't take a hint unless you make it real obvious, so don't be discouraged if you show an act of fondness towards him and he doesn't react.

If all else sad movies (I recommend The Notebook, it's really good...or Titanic) and eat a tub of ice cream with you're favorite toppings. Sad music also helps, and make sure you sing along to the lyrics. Don't be afraid to cry into a pillow, letting out you're emotions is a good thing.

Make yousrelf look and feel confident!

Nothing attracks a guy like confidence- and if you're like me, even wearing a new lip gloss or perfume can make you feel good!

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