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5 Websites Offering Free Wedding Invitation Templates

Updated on March 15, 2011

Save money with free printable wedding invitation templates.

The wedding day is one of the most important event in a woman's life. It is a heartwarming ceremony, the beginning of a wonderful new life ahead. However, it is also true that it's one of the most costly day any person could spend money on and brides are constantly finding ways to stretch that wedding budget. One of the ways to save money on weddings is to make your own wedding invitations. This lens features a list of websites that offer free printable wedding invitation templates that brides can print and make in the comfort of their own homes - allowing more budget to spend on other more important things.

vintage wedding invitation card
vintage wedding invitation card

Download FREE Wedding Invitation Templates From These Websites

Here is a list of websites where brides can download printable wedding invitation templates that they can print and customize for free.

1. Printable Invitation Kits

This blog offers completely free wedding invitation templates. Over 40 templates are currently available for download and new designs are being added every week. The designs are beautiful, fresh and not over-used unlike the invitations being sold in commercial wedding invitation vendors. And here's an added bonus - if you saw an invitation you like but it's not in your wedding color, a "Customize" form is available to request the invitation in your color. How generous is that? This site is truly a gem for the DIY brides.

2. Download and Print

Peruse the Download and Print website gallery and you will find several free beautiful wedding invitation templates you can print at home. Premium wedding invitation kits are also available for a small fee and be assured your invitation is one of the best your friends and family will ever receive.

3. Love and Lavender

There are currenly 19 free downloadable wedding invitation templates in the Love and Lavender website. Included in the download kits are full suites of PDFs and PNGs you can use for your wedding's paper elements.

4. Wedding Clipart / One Heart Weddings

One Heart Weddings is a subscription website offering collections of wedding invitations, programs, cliparts and more. Once you subscribed for a fee, you can download unlimited number of invitations from their collection. However, they are offering free trial with which you can download 2 invitations from their collection - so browse the site, choose your invitations carefully and download them with the free trial.

5.Invitation Templates

The claims to have the best collection of free Invitation templates. Head out to their website now and browse their collections. You might find the perfect wedding invitation for your wedding from one of their offerings.

The downloadable files are in PDF and Word document formats so anyone with the free Adobe reader and/or Word processor could edit and customize the designs for their weddings.

Samples from Printable Invitation Kits

Wedding invitations from Printable Invitation Kits
Wedding invitations from Printable Invitation Kits

The above photos are just a few samples from Printable Invitation Kits. Visit the blog to browse the beautiful designs available.

Affordable Yet Beautiful Wedding Invitations

For brides who aren't keen on crafting their invites, lots of beautiful wedding invitations can be found, too.

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