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50 Love Notes

Updated on March 3, 2017
  1. You are the reason why I dream.
  2. You help me succeed.
  3. I believe in fantasy when I see you.
  4. Every compromise seem worth for you.
  5. Your thoughts doesn't let me sleep.
  6. You are moon in my darkest nights.
  7. I believe in faith and fate because of you.
  8. I feel blessed to be around you.
  9. You make me a better human.
  10. I die thousand times when I miss you.
  11. I feel I am alive when I realize "I LOVE YOU"
  12. You give meaning to every word in my dictionary.
  13. I regret for staying away all these years.
  14. My heart miss a beat every time I see you.
  15. My soul yearn for your soul.
  16. I want the world to remember my name with your name.
  17. I want to feel the warmth of your hand in my hand.
  18. I wish to grow old and have those cute arguments with you.
  19. I want to dedicate every second of my life to you.
  20. I want to be weak with you.
  21. I want to be strong for you.
  22. I want to share my flaws with you.
  23. I want to stay awake and count stars with you.
  24. All the love existing in the world cannot compete with the love I have for you.
  25. You raise my spirits.
  26. Your smile help me smile.
  27. Our hearts simply connect .
  28. I can kill my ego to end every silence between us.
  29. I will try to cook your favorite cuisine.
  30. I want to see you next to me every day and night.
  31. You keep me distracted.
  32. Your essence help me breathe.
  33. I am phobic to lose you.
  34. I will cling to you in every high and low.
  35. I want to enjoy all the seasons with you.
  36. You are my best friend forever.
  37. Your voice give me peace.
  38. I wish to die in your arms.
  39. I want to have a fairy tale with you.
  40. I want to celebrate every day with you.
  41. I wish to synchronize every moment with your dreams.
  42. Your faith make me believe in miracles.
  43. I wish to spend every emotion on you.
  44. I want to make you feel lucky with me.
  45. I envy those with whom you spent your childhood.
  46. I wish to make our feelings rhyme.
  47. I dream of million dates with you,just with you.
  48. I feel homely in your arms.
  49. You conquered the lost poet in me.
  50. I would never want a release from you.Make me the prisoner of your heart.

When I saw you first time


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