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50 Things Every Woman Should Do At Least Once In Her Lifetime

Updated on December 10, 2016

Some people create their list comprising of things that they want to do in their lifetime. Rather than sitting around the house all day thinking about taking action, make things happen, don’t let life is pass by. Your friends are travelling to places, having children, taking vacations and being bold, while you’re still doing the same things over and over. Never stop dreaming, as dreams are the food on which you will make an impact in the world. If you don’t act, before you know it, your fortieth birthday is looming, and you can’t help but feel a tinge of bitterness over the fact that you haven’t been brave enough with your own life. There are various fundamental things which every woman needs to do in her lifetime, in order to feel more fulfilled. It’s time to stop missing out on amazing opportunities that will enrich and enlarge your life. Let’s take a look at 50 things every woman should do at least once in her life.

Swim the ocean

Wear your sexiest bikini and go swimming in the ocean, no matter what your size is. You are going to feel really good. Just let all your worries and inhibitions drown in that sea.

2. Go on a road trip

Pack your edibles, pick your friends, take a map and head onto the road. Road trips are very adventurous and filled with so many surprises and a lot of fun. Even if you hate it, it doesn't matter — the fun is in the thrill of it.

3. Change your hair style

Women always get protective over our hair. If it looks awesome right now, you’d rather not change it. It’s your style, it suits you, and you know that others love it too. But it is exciting to experiment with your hair at least once in your life such as chop down your extremely long hair short for a trendy, chic look. So just let it go and your hair will grow back anyways. It’ll make you feel younger, liberated and sexy as hell.

4. Get a makeover

Transform yourself into a completely different person. Change your hairstyle, your makeup and the way you dress. You can put a streak in your hair, or dye all of it. You are going to feel amazing about it.

5. Travel alone

We all love to go on vacations with our mate, family and friends all the time. Try travelling alone to an adventurous place and see things that will blow your mind. Travelling by yourself gives you unlimited freedom to do everything you want to do. But going on a vacation alone, all by yourself is a once in a lifetime experience. You can explore the places you want, go where ever you want to, talk to strangers and completely let go of yourself. You can even extend your vacation if you want, and really open yourself up to the world and all that it offers.

6. Go in a hot air balloon

If you want to have a bird-view of the world, go for a hot air balloon ride at least once in your lifetime.

7. Ask someone out

Offer to pay for a date and actually do it. It's remarkably empowering. It’s traditional for a man to ask a woman out. But what happens when that man of your dreams is too shy to do it? If you’re attracted to a man and want him in your life, take the plunge and ask him out. You should do this at least once in your life; you never know, the rewards could be huge.

8. Spend a day at some exotic spa

Book a massage after you've had a really stressful day. When you're there, stare at the floor and think about nothing.

9. Educate one child

Do something to make a difference in a person’s life that actually need it. Take a pledge to finance a child’s education. By doing this, you can change at least one person’s life for good.

10. Go out for a meal by yourself

Be glad you're not on an awkward first date like those people sitting next to you.

11. Chase that crazy dream

Write that book you’ve always wanted to, audition for an acting role, design your own clothes.

12. Accomplish a physical challenge you never thought you were capable of

Climb a mountain, run a marathon, learn a martial art, take a kickboxing class or learn to do a push-up. No matter how difficult it might be, you will feel fulfilled.

13. Adopt a pet

Adopt a pet in need and take care of it. Pets are adorable and can be a great addition to your life. This will give you immense peace of mind, satisfaction and happiness.

14. Cut out friends you don't really like

Disconnect with fake friends and friends who don’t make you feel good about yourself. Don't spend time wondering whether or not you made the right decision. Just be done with those who bring you down and don't look back.

15. Travel to the most exotic place

Go on one or more spontaneous adventures with your dear ones. Grab your partner, sister or your best friend and make that crazy trip happen at least once in your life. Travel to the most exotic place you can think of.

16. Really get on top of your finances and investments

There’s no need to depend on a man or anyone else for that matter. It’ll feel great.

17. Splurge on something you really, really want

Splurge on something you want really badly once in a while.

18. Make a whole cake

Make a cake for no reason other than to sit there and attack it with forks alone or with loved ones.

19. Admit the fact to someone you love

If there is a guy you’re head over heels in love with, you should let him know. Life is too short for missed opportunities. Flirt with someone shamelessly and go on a blind date, even if he’s a close friend and you’re worried about what your confession might do to your friendship, you should totally reveal your feelings. It might be the best decision you’ve ever made. Once you're done with it, you'll feel so satisfied and accomplished.

20. Learn a dance style

If you enjoy dancing, then you should definitely learn new dancing steps that you really like. Enroll yourself in a dancing school and get yourself grooving.

21. Drive Fast

Driving fast can be dangerous, stupid and reckless; but it can also be totally fun too. Driving fast really gets your blood pumping and can make you feel alive like nothing else. But remember, always be safe!

22. Buy lunch for someone hungry

Feed someone hungry who can’t provide for himself. When they succeed in life, they’ll remember how you bought them lunch and bestow the favor on another person.

23. Take the time to get a few special photos

Get the prints professionally framed and matted. Hang them in every apartment you ever live in and you'll feel happy every time you look at them.

24. Forgive someone even for their biggest mistake

During your lifetime many people may have hurt you, so much so that you don’t want to forgive them ever. It could be an ex-boyfriend, or a friend you had fallen out with. It might be very difficult for you to forgive so make things right with them and mend those broken relationships. Try to do that and you will feel immensely delighted.

25. Find a phrase or quote

That will be your personal mantra and live by it: “You only fail when you stop trying.”

26. Fight your fears

We all have fears and anxieties, and we’re all afraid of doing certain things. Most people learn to live with it, but only a few have the courage to overcome it. If you too have something that you are afraid of, try to overcome it. For example, if you are afraid of heights, go bungee jumping, deep sea diving, or just learn to face those cockroaches. However big or small, conquering them, will that would enrich your life. Do something that scares you at least once a year. Being scared of something is what can make us alive, and overcoming these fears gives us a rush of adrenaline and makes us feel truly accomplished

27. Let people know how much they mean to you

Whether it’s your parents, your friends, your kids, or your spouse

28. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin

Confidence is sexy, no matter what your shape and size.

29. Get drunk

Order a bottle of wine. Get drunk and enjoy the evening. Yes, too much alcohol is not good for your health and neither is getting drunk. It’s just one time. Drink as if there is no tomorrow.

30. Quit that job you hate

You only have one life, so why waste it in a dead-end job you don’t love, and which is only making you miserable? If you don’t like your job, quit it. Take the plunge and don’t worry so much about the repercussions. Not many people have the guts to do so. Find a job which makes you happy.

31. Taste new food and cuisines.

Especially ones you thought you'd hate, you’ll discover a new favorite dish.

32. Just completely lose it at customer service

When you don’t get satisfaction from a service like in your bank you should not hesitate to give vent to your feeling.

33. Live Alone

Perhaps you’ve always lived with others because you’ve always felt safer, or because living with your best friends is something you’ve always wanted. It’s fun, and you get to have a giggle and do stuff together. Live alone, and learn to enjoy it. Come home at odd hours, be as tidy or as messy as you like, sit around in anything you fancy, turn the music on full blast. Eat what you want, even dessert for breakfast. it’s your house, your rules. Living alone is full of challenges, responsibilities, surprises and what not. But along with that, comes the freedom of living life on your own terms.

34. Go for a better career

If you’re having a hard-time in a career that you’ve fallen into, take a look at your options and consider your skill-sets. Are they worthy of a better job? Consider also a career you actually would enjoy, and set some time aside to research it and polish up your profile. If need be go for part-time course. You’re never too old to broaden your mind

35. Do something your friends & family wouldn’t agree with

How many times do we refrain from doing something because we worry what our friends and family might think of us? If there is something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t, because you know your friends wouldn’t approve, now is the time to be a little selfish and actually do it. It happens a lot of times when our family and friends don’t approve of our decisions. It might be a mistake, but at least you took the chance. Always remember that it is your life and only you should be responsible for your doings, family and friends do have a say in your life but the final decision should be yours.

36. Date someone who is totally "wrong" for you

Shamelessly flirt with someone you think is way out of your league by dating someone older or younger than you. You may as well get some fun stories and unique experiences out of it. Older men have wisdom and experience that can be really refreshing and rewarding as long as you’re both comfortable and enjoying each other’s company.

37. Learn a new language

Learn a new language and flaunting it whenever you get the chance. Most people are often jealous of those who can speak more than one language. You learn so much about another culture when you learn its language.

38. Try out your sexual fantasies

Test out your weirdest, darkest sexual fantasy. You may be surprised to find that your partner is more than happy to oblige.

39. Pretend to be someone else

We only get one life and we’re expected to live as the same person throughout all of it. This could be boring. Making up a fake identity and chatting to someone throughout the night can be really fun and exciting. You can pretend to be whoever you want to be for a few hours.

40. Give attention to your hobby

Throw yourself into a hobby, like horseback riding or tennis lessons, swimming, skating or skiing. If people ever ask you what you're into on a job interview or something, you'll feel pleased to have an automatic answer.

41. Use a dating site

Never used a dating site before? It’s easy and could actually be fun. Although many of the messages you receive from guys will be weird and a little bit creepy, they can be pretty funny too. And you never know, you might end up meeting your soulmate.

42. Apply for dream jobs

Apply for a bunch of dream jobs that you might not be totally qualified for. You never know what could happen.

43. Attend live music concert and go nuts

When we are at a party, we often worry what people might think of us, so shamelessly go to a concert everyone will make fun of you about. Dance like a crazy person while you're there. Be the life and the soul of the party. Try it at least once.

44. Play a prank on someone

Playing a prank can be incredibly amusing, and it can really lift your spirits. Watching others work themselves up into a state because of your prank is even exciting than watching a comedy.

45. Write a love letter telling your partner

An actual letter! Use a pen and paper and pour your heart out on how much he means to you. Technology has made letter writing almost obsolete. He will keep the letter forever and look at it when he’s sad. It will become a memoir in the family even after your death.

46. Live in a foreign country

If you’ve always wanted to move abroad but always been afraid to take the plunge, now is perhaps the time to do it. So while you’re still youthful, why not pack your bags and just go for it? Living elsewhere can be an eye-opener. You get to learn new customs, adopt new ways of life, embrace new cuisines and even learn new languages. Your own life and mind will be enriched.

47. Give back to the world

Whether it’s donating a small amount every month, spend at least one Christmas with the disadvantaged, relax by visiting some elderly people in your area or old-age homes, try celebrating your birthday just by donating something to someone needy, teaching somebody to read, or volunteering for a cause you believe in. Bring a smile to their faces and embrace your charitable side. You’ll feel amazing afterwards.

48. Learn to make one full meal

Master at least one elaborate dish in the kitchen. Even if it's just one simple homemade dish, you should know how to feed yourself.

49. Get a tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. It is not just a form of body art; a tattoo can depict your beliefs, your experiences, and so much more. And if you are afraid of the pain and don’t want something that is going to stay on your body for the rest of your life then just go for a temporary one.

50. Try to live a day without your cell phone

How much of our time each day is spent checking our phones for messages and emails? How long do we spend scrolling up and down Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and liking random stuff that isn’t actually going to improve our lives? Cell phones have kind of intoxicated our lives. Go somewhere with no cell phone reception for at least a day. You cannot spend a day without clicking selfies and posting them online and making status updates. But there was a time when cell phone were not in existence or were not that common, so why not relive that time. Experience the tranquility of life without the anxiety of constant messages and status updates. Living a day without your cell phone will feel hugely liberating. But before doing that do let your dear ones know about it or they will get worried about you.

Can you be without your cell phone for a day?

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    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      23 months ago from Benin

      Thanks Janellegems. I am happy that you found this hub awesome.

    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      23 months ago from Benin

      Thanks Janellegems. I am happy that you enjoyed reading this hub. Visit for more great articles on relationships and marriage.

    • Janellegems profile image


      23 months ago from United States

      These are awesome things every woman should do. Some I have tried and some I have not. I always want to live in foreign country, get a new hobby, live alone and a few other things. Great Hub to read.


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