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50 Ways to Make a Girl Fall for You

Updated on July 29, 2010

Ok, I lied. You can’t make a girl do anything she doesn’t want to, especially if she has a strong spirit, and I hope she does. But you sure can help your case along, and it usually doesn’t take too much. Even if she’s already fallen, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it couldn’t hurt to up the ante, Gentlemen!

1. Listen to what she has to say.

2. Remember what she says.

3. Paying attention even when she isn’t around. Example? "I remember you telling me you love that song by So-and-so. It was playing the other day and it made me think of you."

4. Let her know she comes into your mind even when she isn’t around.

5. Compliment her.

6. Make her smile.

7. Give her enough space to maintain her desired Independence.

8. Be there when she needs you. Even if it seems silly to you. Problems affect different people differently, so try to understand.

9. Don’t let her get away with disrespecting you. This may come as a surprise, but in every relationship, there will times where boundaries are tested. She won’t fall for someone who let’s themselves be walked all over. Let her know that you will always respect her, and you expect the same in return.

10. Trust her. Jealousy is only attractive to those immature enough to find it flattering. In reality, jealous can be a very ugly thing when it goes to great extents. Trust her. If you don’t and can’t trust her, then you don’t belong in a relationship with this person.

11. Be worthy of her trust, and expect her to trust you as well. This is one of the keys to make or break a relationship.

12. Surprise her. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Maybe just showing up at her house or work to say hello, if she likes that sort of thing. Maybe the next time she comes over you have her favorite dessert waiting, or anything you know she likes.

13. Make her feel welcome in your home. It can be awkward in the beginning of a relationship getting comfortable in a new place. Assure her and do small things to make sure she feels at ease. Later on, don’t make a huge fuss about letting her leave a few things at your place. If you want her to stay over, then it’s nice for her to have some toiletries or extra garments around, so she can feel fresh and prepared.

14. Do something out of your comfort zone, especially for her. If you never cook, cook her something. If you can’t dance, but she loves dancing, take a class together. Try something she loves, even if it is unusual for you. Who knows? You might even end up loving it.

15. Be happy. Sometimes all it takes to brighten someone else’s day is to have a good one yourself. Happiness is infectious. Be a fun loving person, and she’ll want to be around you.

16. Give her something to look forward to. Let her know that on Wednesday or Monday or Friday or the 24th, you have something planned. It may not be your anniversary, it may not be Valentine’s day - it’s just any old day. But something is going to happen on it, she doesn’t know what, and that makes it special alone. She’ll look forward to it all day, all week, or all month - however long you think is long enough and short enough to make her feel excited.

17. Make things special without spending any money. Flowers, chocolates, wine, dinners on the town are all great, but it’s also important that even when the weather is dull and you don’t want to leave the house, or you’re saving your funds for something else, that fun won’t be forfeited. Light some candles and give each other massages. Watch a great movie that you both love, and prepare some special treats for the evening. Cozy up with some tea, coffee, hot chocolate in a big arm chair and just talk.

18. Laugh off the small mistakes. Don’t make a big ordeal out of every minor, little thing she might do wrong. Be easygoing.

19. Dress up for her. Maybe you’re a casual type of guy, but once in awhile, throw on that tuxedo t-shirt and let her know you want to look nice for her. I’m sure you love it when she dresses up for you.

20. Be active together. Whether you run, walk, swim, hike, ice skate, hit the gym, snowboard, ski, toboggan - get the blood pumping and have fun getting active together.

21. Send her a random e-mail. Or an IM. Or a text. Even if you live together and see each other everyday, it’s nice to get those sweet little notes.

22. Sneak a note into her pocket.

23. Explore a new place. There’s something about experiencing something entirely new for both people that’s a very good bonding experience.

24. Unlock her car door first. Chivalry isn’t dead.

25. Mind your manners. Some guys like to burp, shovel in their food, make outrageous innuendos with their buddies. Keep in mind that your girl might not have the same sense of humor.

26. Give her an endearing pet name. Know each other’s boundaries, and know whether these pet names are to be used only amongst yourself, or in public. Discuss it before to avoid embarassing either of yourselves.

27. Keep your sexual business private. Avoid hashing all of the dirty, or not so dirty, details of what goes on between you. This shows her you respect her.

28. Ask her opinion on different things. She may just offer it anyways, but she will definitely notice if you ask for it before she had the chance to offer. This shows it matters to you what she thinks.

29. Encourage her in her passions. If she is taking up a new hobby or pursuing her career, tell her you think it’s awesome that she’s happy, and that you know she’s going to hit it out of the ballpark if she puts her mind to it.

30. Misbehave together once in awhile. Stay up really late. Eat that chocolate cake. Indulge in something you probably shouldn’t, but do it together.

31. Reminisce. This might sound silly if you’ve only known each other for a day, but a lot of girls are sentimental. Re-hashing good memories feels good.

32. Take those photobooth pictures together in the mall. Let her pick her two favorites, and you take the other two. It might be silly, but it’s fun, and it leaves her with a token of a time where you acted like goofy kids and had a great time doing it.

33. Smile, smile, smile. Especially in the early days. If you’re smiling and looking happy, this is reassuring to a girl that you’re having a good time, that you’re happy with her.

34. Go traditional, and get her flowers. Or a flower. For no reason.

35. Buy tickets to a special event. A concert, the symphony, the theater, a comedy show, a sports game, a movie she’s looking forward to.

36. Be the perfect gentleman around her family. Make an effort to get along with them, be polite, and inquire as to how things are going in their lives.

37. Get a fortune cookie made up with a hilarious message inside, that could only be for her.

38. Be honest.

39. Be confident.

40. Be yourself. No false advertising. If she doesn’t like you for who you are, then you don’t belong together anyways.

41. Tell your friends that she’s great. It’s not like you have to ramble on for hours, but it goes a long way if, upon meeting her, your friends can genuinely say ‘I’m so glad to finally meet you, my buddy has told me so many good things about you." She will be beaming.

42. Wrestle. Play. Tickle her. Have some childish fun.

43. If you’ve been together for awhile, kiss her like it’s the first time all over again.

44. If it’s your first kiss, start off gently. There’s nothing worse than a halfway assault. Relax and take it easy.

45. Look through photo albums with her Mom, if she invites you to. Enjoy it, even if she is a little embarassed. It shows her you’re interested in her, more than just a hook up or a fun fling. Being interested in where she’s come from and how she grew up let’s her know you want to know what she’s all about.

46. Make her feel smart. It’s one thing to be constantly told you look hot/pretty/cute/sexy, but it’s incredibly empowering to have your man let you know he thinks you’re smart, too.

47. Give her credit where credit is due. Is she an unreal cook? Say so. Is she good with numbers? Acknowledge that. Does she make beautiful jewelry? If you’re out at a social gathering and it comes up, let people know in a casual way. "Yeah, Angela actually dabbles in photography and it’s really good." She might be a little embarassed if she’s modest, but it will feel good anyways.

48. If you know she’s coming over after a long day, draw up a big bubble bath. Even if you’re not getting in with her. This gives her the opportunity to unwind and relax. It feels good to have someone acknowledge your hard work, and it will feel just as good when she returns the favor.

49. Write her a poem, or make her a song, paint her a picture. Whatever you strength is, create something for her. If she’s so wonderful, let her be your muse and show her how she inspires you.

50. Take care in the details. Know what’s important to her - birthdays, anniversaries - and take care of those things.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      These 50 points that you have mentioned are basically ingredients to kitty whip a man or essentially turn him into a doormat. Moreover, these points have been tried, but even then they are not satisfied. So, pray tell, what more can we do...jump of a cliff to show that we care.

    • Info Bucket profile image

      Info Bucket 

      8 years ago from Kerala, India

      Awesome tips man! Really helpful. I thought it was a usual hub when I saw the title, but there's really 50 ways, Thanx a lot.


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