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50 characteristics, features, traits, qualities or attributes you might be looking for in a mate, partner or spouse

Updated on October 14, 2012

You might be looking for these features in your future mate, marriage partner or spouse:

1. Must be handsome (husband) or beautiful (wife)

2. Must be intelligent

3. Genuinely concerned about the welfare of other people

4. Genuinely nice

5. Genuinely kind to your family

6. Understanding

7. Sincere

8. Committed

9. Honest and trustworthy

10. Share common religious beliefs

11. Share common culture and tradition

12. Fun to be with

13. Have many skills or talents

14. Must have some substance or has great ideas

15. A good marriage material which is capable of being a good and responsible mother for your future kids (wife) or a good provider and responsible father (husband)

16. Must have good built (muscular or good physique for husband) or sexy (wife)

17. Has sense of humor

18. Has a thriving business or has a good position at work

19. Rich

20. Popular

21. Charming

22. Has immense sex appeal

23. Frugal

24. Has self-control

25. Reputable

26. Has a nice family background

27. Educated

28. Artistic

29. Speaks eloquently

30. Share common interests and hobbies

31. Industrious

32. Hardworking

33. Loving

34. Sweet

35. A good problem solver

36. Settle matters peacefully

37. Has a nice singing voice

38. Has penchant for pets

39. Nature lover and care for the environment

40. Caring

41. Result-oriented and Goal-oriented

42. Willing to migrate to your place

43. Amiable and has a lot of friends

44. Outgoing and adventurous

45. Internet savvy

46. Fondness for knowledge and wisdom

47. Well-disciplined

48. Can provide you security and protection

49. Reliable

50. Willing to make sacrifices

Here is a list of features you would like in a wife or husband. Keep in mind though that you will opt for features that will not fade, get stolen and get lost. Endeavor to have an enduring marriage to ensure that your spouse and children are protected and secured in the future.

Thanks a lot for the read!

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