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50/50 Physical Custody: Three Common Visitation Schedules

Updated on January 10, 2012

Sharing 50/50 physical custody

50/50 physical custody is becoming a more popular choice for parents and their children. It has many benefits for both the parents and the child. The greatest benefit is your children are a meaningful and important part of both parents lives. Both parents are involved in the many aspects of the child's life.

Below are three common 50/50 custody schedules:

Alternating Weeks- This schedule is a two week rotation where the child spends one week with you and one week with the other parent. You can choose the date and time of the exchange. This is a great schedule for a child who needs to spend more time at each home and not be constantly going back and forth.

2-2-3 Schedule- This schedule is also a two week rotation. The first week one parent has the child for two days, then the other parent has the child for two days, and finally the first parent has the last three days (usually a weekend). The second week the time switches so the second parent has the first two days and the weekend.

This is a great schedule because the child is able to spend time at both homes each week. However, to successfully follow the schedule, the parents need to live close to each other, in the same school district, and the child must be able to keep up with school/other activities while going back and forth frequently.

3-4-4-3 Schedule- This schedule is a two week rotation. The first week one parent gets the child for the first three days of the week. The second parent gets four day with the child. The next week the first parent gets four days and the second parent gets three.

This schedule is good because it is easy to understand and follow. The child also gets to spend time at both homes during the week. However, there is more back and forth plus one parent gets the beginning of the week and the other parent gets the end of the week. Some families find this really hard but if it works for your lifestyle, it is a great option.

Creating a schedule can be easy.

There are many more 50/50 custody schedule examples available then those above. You always have the ability to make a unique schedule which fits your life.

If you are looking to create your own schedule but have no idea where to start, here are some questions to ask yourself before creating a custody schedule.


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