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58 Dating Ideas

Updated on June 28, 2013
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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years.

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So often we have no idea what we want to do with someone when we hangout with them. Here are several creative ideas to help ease that process, and perhaps do something semi-original that should stand out more in the world of memory.

1. Build a sheet fort, then watch movies, eat your favorite food, or use it as a time to converse about the magical things of the universe.

2. Go to a graveyard and talk about spirituality. This will be a nice, quiet location, and it can show sophistication. It doesn't take all day long, but can kill an hour or two, and then coffee and going to a bookstore.

3. Ride a hot air balloon. The scenery should win over points and it's guaranteed intimacy.

4. Spend time together making baking goods. If you can cook well with each other, there's more than likely chemistry in the air.

5. Go to a local concert, especially if it matches up with both of your interests in music.

6. Look around online to see if any celebrities are coming into town. Try going to see a comedian and get some laughs. Endorphins will increase your connection.

7. Checkout a local museum, often these are FREE. These will give you the chance to be in a quiet place and be able to analyze something more culturally specific.

8. Go to a park to walk the dog. Animals can help take the edge off the awkwardness. They can also make it more awkward...

9. Tour a landmark of the area that neither of you have seen such as a tall building, castle, or other monument. Places that are new to you will give you plenty to discuss, explore, and feel fresh. Going to the same old places may not bring out a spark.

10. Go to an amusement park and it will help inspire endorphins and adrenaline. You can easily spend a whole day at an amusement park and there's lots of chances for laughs and terror creating an emotional connection.

11. Venture to a farmer's market or other grocery area to checkout produce, talk about organic food, and maybe bring some back to cook. The stomach often is the way to the heart.

12. Go to a bookstore, read through the children's books, find a classic novel and start reading it together. This can seque to future dates! Pick up a gothic novel. You'll have to keep seeing each other to finish the book... so pick a good one.

13. Ride bicycles together. This will give you some exercise, and the chance to have a common direction. Don't try to ride too far ahead even if your partner lags.

14. Wake up early in the morning and take pictures of the downtown area. Early morning photography can be quiet, thoughtful, and also lead to a nice breakfast on a terrace.

15. Scuba diving. You may have to take classes together, and deep sea adventures could create a spark.

16. The circus. You probably haven't gone since you were a kid! This could create a lot of opportunity for conversation and being reminiscent.

17. An observatory to gaze the stars. It's quiet, romantic, and gorgeous. If you can add a candlelight Italian dinner, excellent job.

18. Checkout independent movie theaters. Sometimes the more unusual movies will be more memorable.

19. Go to a driv-thru movie theater. The upside is there are usually two features and you can stay in the comfort of your own car.

20. Play pranks at a fast food restaurant. Look some up online and see what you can do, although be kind because you don't want your favorite taco stand to suddenly blacklist you.

21. Have a picnic on top of the highest building. Surreal, personal, and also romantic.

22. Go on a hike and collect cool rocks and then keep them in a jar. This will help you to remember the time and is a cheap gift to keep.

24. Spend time at a carnival during the summer. Be careful about the rides, but Ferris wheels, are romantic powerhouses.

25. Recreate Easter egg hunting into your own treasure hunt game with cute items in plastic eggs for your sweetheart. This should create excitement, as well as adventure.

26. Shop at a large toy store. Buy toys that remind you of your past. Build a lego fort together.

27. Ice skating and roller blading. This is instant hand holding territory.

28. If you're both musically inclined, write music together. If they have recording software then you can keep the treasure.

29. Volunteer at a hospital to read books to children. This shows a personal side and also gives back to the community... and makes an impression on the children.

30. Go to an old nostalgic place that represents something to your childhood. By exploring it and telling little pieces of what happened in your past should create a tenderhearted connection.

31. Take something old and remodel it, like a chair, shelf, something to paint. Working with your hands may be more your style than places with lots of intensity or conversation.

32. Play laser tag or paintball together. This can bring out the sport in both of you without it putting one person down or the other.

33. Ride a tandem bicycle! If you are adorable enough to do it, then I say give it a try! Shoot for a picnic later.

34. Go horseback riding. This should allow you to take the scenic route, and horseback riding adventures can take a couple of hours.

35. Feed ducks at a park. Do this with a funny person and hangout at the park for awhile. Try naming the ducks.

36. Visit an aquatic center. Enjoy all the fishies. Also, water can be quite relaxing.

37. Go to a play, symphony, or ballet. This shows sophistication instead of the rather salacious types of adult activities people usually want to do.

38. Go dancing, like swing dancing or the tango. If you're a man suggesting this the woman will think you're automatically awesome and brave. This will allow you touch and be comfortable with the other person.

39. Tour your old high school. Play a game on the old football field. You can tell the other person what you were like in high school sharing personal memories.

40. Checkout local places that have places where flowers are grown. Flowers will bring out the soft spot on women.

41. Do landscaping work together. Plant a garden. It's hard work, and you're also doing something for the environment. It's something that can cause the two of you to return back together.

42. Take a trip to a close by town to explore. Again, this will give you new territory to explore, and you'll be out of town so no one can bother the two of you.

43. Head to the beach, go somewhere that is not so crowded. Collect seashells.

44. Cloud watch together in an open field. This will show whether your date has an imaginative side or not. Take a kite with you. And maybe a picnic basket.

45. Play board games at a coffee shop. Fun times with intellect and competition.

46. Write a book together! You write one chapter and your sweety writes the next.

47. Make a snowman, or something of the sort but with something that's not snow.

48. Do a prank on a mutual enemy together.

49. Take fake engagement photos together. Make them as silly as you can, put them on Facebook, and have a good time at your randomness.

50. Play tag at Wal-mart. The adrenaline will kick in as you fear Wal-mart employees.

51. Go to a matinee movie when less people go, and during the week rather than weekend. This will give you more of the theater, and often this time of day has discounts.

52. People watch at the airport. All kinds of people come in through the airport. You can watch and analyze people's quirks.

53. Visit the local zoo. This can be a long and engaging activity.

54. Buy coloring books and color together. Turn it into a competition as to who can color better pictures.

55. Buy a puzzle and put the puzzle together. You'll have to work together, and in close proximity.

56. Do an elaborate science experiment!!

57. Visit an animal sanctuary. These can be dedicated to one animal, and this bring awareness to what's happening in the animal populations.

58. The traveling gnome prank. Take a neighbors gnome from their garden, go around town taking pictures only of the gnome, then send the pictures to the friend with messages from the gnome... then return the gnome to the house one day.


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