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Updated on May 28, 2011

Telling lies have become the second nature of women, most young men find this very disgusting. Unfortunate you will say, and detecting these lies could be a very crazy task: you might even loose your sanity if you persist. As a young man that have been in and out of so many relationships: I think I can beat my chest and say I’ve cracked the lie code of these daughters of eve: so join me as I treat you to a rich course of how to detect these lies and either keep her, make up, or break up.

LIE N0 1: that you have the biggest manhood! She’s ever seen, hey! don’t fall for that crap; this is just one of those lies that they have become so used to telling. She’s just trying to make an Impression on you. Never believe when she says that your instrument is the biggest she’s ever seen: though yours may not be small. But big? Certainly not: cos I assure she’s had worse, believe me. Now to uncover her dubious plot just ask her this question “how was it the first time?” She’ll be excited and give you a vivid picture of how it was with whomever and before you say jack! She’ll spit every thing out, even the size of the brother who did the job, just try this trick, it works like magic.

LIE NO 2: “Your friends are all nice” watch it man!

To her one in particular might just be cute and she won’t mind having a go with him behind you: but on the contrary if she says “they are really nice” that means they’ve probably flirted or are flirting with her. To really know how she feels about this “friends” of yours, ask her this simple question “year my friends are nice, but do you think they are nicer than me, cos I think at times I could really be old fashioned and wacky… what do you think? “ This is the opportunity she’s been waiting for to tell you of some of your lapses and from what she is saying you could easily spot out which of your friend in particular she might have taken a liking to, and if you don’t step up your game player, she could be warming some ones bed pretty soon.

LIE NO 3: “My parents sure do like you”:

hey!!! I will advise you to really watch your back cos your ass could be ripe for the kicking soon, this is because I know that the mother might, but papa? Well he will find it difficult to accept that you’re humping his little baby, almost on a daily basis. You know men and their psychology, especially when it concerns their daughters. They find it difficult to accept the fact that this little baby of yesterday have grown up so soon. To know if mama or papa really likes you as asserted, tell her some thing like this:” Your parents were really nice (even if it was obvious that papa was a pain in the neck) When next do you think we should them, I hope soon?” She will probably feel a little uneasy, and won’t want you both to see them, until she sorts things out with daddy. If things don’t get right, watch your back bro, cos daddy might just be looking for an opening to kick ya timid ass out of his daughter’s life. Better be careful dude.

LIE NO 4: “you know before you I’ve slept only with …”

WAOH! Another shocker! This is the biggest lie she’d want to give to you all in the bid to make you feel as if you descended from mars. Now if I may ask what would she call the other odd sixty (sixty!!! Year you heard me) heads she’s received and given in return? Don’t they count? What about Tom, Tray. Harry, Joe? Well my advise here is that just take it as a way of complementing you, she’s just trying to tell you that you are the best thing that has happened to her in along while: but applying our catch-22 technique to nail her and her lies, test her by asking her “how great was the others, what did you enjoy most?” She won’t know when she starts comparing notes and by so doing mention more names, this is crazy, but it sure works; try it.

LIE NO 5: “The meeting you had with your ex didn’t bother me at all” This is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard: for Christ’s sake! She’s probably sucking and mopping around the house drawing strange imaginations in her mind’s eye of you and your ex going at it. She hallucinates; fidgeting and picking up objects and looking through them as though they are new; then suddenly on seeing you she bursts out “how did it go?” “Did both of you had a great time?” or she might say some thing like this “ that ex-girl friend of yours sure looks pretty, is she prettier than I am?” you know what player, she’s sulking , but just disappoint her by saying something sweet to her like “wow! It is great thing that broke up with her and met you…you know she’s not really worth the trouble, but you sure do” This lightens up her spirit, making her believe strongly in you as her knight in shining armor, then helps you detect how bad she tell lies.

Just give it a try and you’ll see how easy it could be making her tell you the truth through her lies, and make her eat from your palm always. Step it up player

And for the ladies out there I need you to comment on this, never hate the player, but feel free to the hate the game ciao!!!!


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    • SkeetyD profile image

      SkeetyD 5 years ago from Barbados

      This hub made me smile. And I am glad you only examined 5 of lies women tell!

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 6 years ago

      Hi Aliesha and thanks for the comments.

      As time goes on, lie no1 will be applicable to u(lol- just kidding).

      All the best sis.

    • profile image

      Aleisha 6 years ago

      um lie number 1? the guy im with he's the first guy ive done it with im 21 yes lol but in my case that would be true because i havent seen bigger/or smaller just saying

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 6 years ago

      Hi CheetahsLady and thanks for the vote up but sorry for the expose.

      Its nice having you stop by.

    • profile image

      CheetahsLady 6 years ago

      lol cute post - I voted it up even though you're telling my secrets :)

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 7 years ago

      Thanks Vishaaa for the comments.

      Its nice having you.

    • Vishaaa profile image

      Vishaaa 7 years ago from Somewhere on this earth..

      Whooo.. Than the lies, I liked the way of making her fall in to the ditch... loved it

    • profile image

      Kiwi 8 years ago

      Chur bro