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6 Gift Ideas To Make Her Swoon

Updated on April 12, 2012

Contrary to what most guys believe, girls are pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts. Before you even think about making a list or hitting the stores, let this a give) : anything generic (i.e bath products, no matter how fancy) will get you a fake smile and a bad review. Clothes, bags, shoes - anything in the fashion department - are a gamble: there's a good chance you'll end up getting her a bag she'll use only once, a grotesque bejeweled bib necklace she'll wear for your sake, or worse, last season's chunky booties, which are really her style anyway. The best presents - the kind shell tell her girlfriends about - are those you've put some thought and effort into, like these.

1. Framed Photos of the Two of You

  • Get her to say "Aww..." wiyh a collection of your beast photos together (think artsy well decor types or a cool photo tree). Make it a timeline of memories from unforgettable occasions - gather your funniest photos, or fill up the frames with photos of her family and friends to let her know you value the other important people in her life, too. The truth is, girls like it when you show your mushy side, and Christmas is the perfect excuse to do just that.

2. The Perfect Weekend Getaway.

  • The destination could be a plane ride or a quick two-hour road trip away - it doesn't matter. This gift is all about one thing, and one time with only: quality time with each other. Play up the romance with some careful planning; prepare an impressive sun-up-to-sun-down itinerary that shat shows her you've got everything covered, and all she has to do is enjoy your company.

3. "Me" Time.

  • In a perfect world, some well-deserved "me" time should be penciled in her jam-packed schedule more than just once a year, which is why a full day of pampering at the spa or the salon (or both, if you're feeling generous) could be your old realiable. Any gift that lets her kick back, relax and de-stress, and involves some kind of spoiling is a foolproof way to put a smile on her face.

4. A Class She's Always Wanted To Take

  • Rememember when shed she always wanted to try Bikram yoga, or how she talked your ear off about the art elective she took back in college? Make a mental note of her interests and find out if there are weekend classes she could enjoy. You'll get "pogi" points for taking an interest in her passions.

5. Concert Tickets To Her Favorite Band or Show

  • If she's a huge fan of a band or geeks out over Broadway musicals, this one's a shoo-in for "best gift ever." Granted the two of you don't have the same taste in entertainment, this is the kind of gift that has the makings of a great date night - one she'll be telling people about for years to come. So what if it means sitting through a Taylor Swift concert? You'll be rewarded in many other ways, if you know what we mean.

6. A Great Meal.

  • It could be at that fancy restaurant the two of you have been saving for a special occasion, or a home-cooked feast you'll prepare that will put together all her together all her favorites on the dining table. If it's the latter, seize the opportunity to make a whole product out of it: throw in some candles and chocolates, and maybe some flowers for good measure. Cliched as they may be, they still work every time.


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