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6 Major Differences Between Men and Women

Updated on June 22, 2017

Men and Women are very different in the way they think, communicate and relate to one another. Here are some ways they are different.


Men and Women are different in the way they think and process things through. As stated by the Jeff and Shaunti Feldman stated in the book FOR MEN ONLY,"Women thought lives are like busy computers with multiple windows open and running all at once, unwanted pop ups intruding all the time and little ability to close out or ignore any of that mental or emotional activity until a more convenient time."

Most of the time, women has many different thoughts and feelings going on in her brain at the same time. Women are not like men where they can just ignore anxious thoughts or the argument that happen in the morning,

Men do not have tons of windows open like women do. They tend to process thoughts and feelings, problems one at a time working at one screen at a time and then moving on to the next. They spend time thinking through things and not mentioning anything until they fully understand what they are thinking.


For the woman, intimacy is talking things over, sharing secrets and cuddling. For the man, he builds intimacy in a total different way. Other than sexual intimacy, he connects by doing things together, going grocery shopping, hiking, jogging, going to the movies, traveling, playing sports or any other activity.


Men need affirmation, appreciation, respect, admiration, doing activities together. Women need unconditional love, to feel loved, reassurance that you love her, need for emotional intimacy and need to be cherished.


When a man is under a lot of stress, he becomes withdrawn and needs a little space to handle stress. A Woman might interpret the man’s need for space as a sign that he is upset with her and as a way of trying to get away from her. But if the man tells her, “I am stressed about…and I just need some space to process things and it has nothing to do with you, we are okay.” This will bring some ease or peace of mind to her, instead of the man just taking his space.

Women handles stress differently than men. They want to share and talk about their stresses and problems and when sharing with a man, she wants you to understand how she is feeling about the problem, Is she disappointed, angry, sad, frustrated? and not fix the actual problem. Men do not talk about the situation until they had the space and time to themselves.


For most women, security means her knowing that the man is there for her no matter what, knowing that she is priority, he makes time for and he is committed to her. For the wife, she feel secure when the husband actively participate in the home, involved in parenting and with the kids. For men, providing and financial security is the way they show love. But some women, if the man works overtime, although his intentions is to provide for the family, they may interpret that work is more priority over her, the home and kids.


Most women crave sex less than men. When women are busy with the kids, work, cleaning and cooking, they need a few hours to anticipate and prepare for sex. Men needs to pursue her by phone calls, emails, notes, hugs, emotional support to get her in the mood. Conflict, negative words, critical words spoken can easily cause her not to desire sexual intimacy.


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