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Why Should I Break-Up With My Girlfriend?

Updated on August 11, 2020
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I'm an eclectic gal with many diverse interests. They include relationships, film, trivia, and an assortment of other things.

Girlfriend Dumping 101

Unless you're heartless, dumping your girlfriend can be hard. It's never nice to hurt another person. Usually the dumpee will feel worse than the dumper.

But while the person doing the dumping will feel some relief, he's also likely to feel sadness. Particularly, when he's aware that he's dumping somebody who's really into him. She won't want you to dump her. She won't be expecting it. There might be crying or screaming and the guy has to be ready for anything.

However, it's one thing if your girlfriend has always been true. Perhaps you just feel like moving on and have no particular reason for ending the relationship. It's quite another when the relationship goes south in a bad way. The reasons listed below are of particular note. However, there are others. You should probably consider dumping your girlfriend if she:

  • Pees on any food.
  • Poisons you.
  • Kicks your pet.
  • Flushes your goldfish down the toilet.
  • Bends a football card.
  • Shuts off a close NBA game in the last two minutes.
  • Forces you to watch Dancing with the Stars.
  • Won't see an action movie with you.

But be particularly aware if she pulls one of these:

CC-BY 2.0
CC-BY 2.0 | Source

If Your Girlfriend Pulls One of These Dirty Tricks, Dump Her!

Your girlfriend shuts off your Xbox before you've had a chance to save

A woman who doesn't respect your hobbies is bad news. Women frequently don't understand a man's obsession with various hobbies. For instance, watching football and playing video games. However, it's one thing to lack understanding of a man's hobbies. It's another thing to be disrespectful.

A woman who pulls the power on your XBox in the middle of a game could be committing virtual murder. I suspect we'll prosecute such things in the future. After all, if you've just spent the last hour on Far Cry 5 and you forgot to save, that's brutal. Okay, I admit, I know that most games autosave, but still! It's the principle of the thing. It's the intent!

So a woman who would do that is wiping out your existence. A woman who would do that would just as soon kill you in your sleep. Dump her first.

CC-BY 3.0
CC-BY 3.0

Your girlfriend asks you why you waste so much time on fantasy football

Just like chicks do not understand video games, neither do they understand how fantasy football completes a guy. It makes him whole. It allows him to be one with his friends. It doesn't matter if he lacks athleticism. So what if he throws a football like a pansy? And so what if couldn't catch a baseball if you dropped it into his hands? Even if a man cries like a wimp when you pinch him too hard, playing fantasy football lets him fantasize. Fantasy football is sports porn, which is a whole other subject.

2008 Fantasy Draft board
2008 Fantasy Draft board

Your girlfriend says your guy friends are a bunch of idiots

Women must understand the importance to guys of male friendships. It is absolutely critical to the success of any relationship. A guy must have guy time. A woman who forces a guy to drop his male friendships is not worth your time. The only acceptable reason for such behavior is a guy who ignores his woman. However, if 50% of your free time is with her and the rest is with your guy friends, that's fine. If she wants 100% of your free time, that's wrong. If she feels threatened by your bromances, dump her right away.

Your girlfriend throws a hissy fit that involves breaking your stuff

Few women physically threaten most men. That isn't too say a woman can't abuse a man. What I'm saying is that men don't worry about their girlfriend beating them up. Generally speaking. But if you've ever been in a relationship, you know women can get as angry as men. A psychologically unbalanced woman will take your camera and smash it on the floor. She'll take your BMW and back it into a tree. Dump her. And be glad you weren't in the car when she wrecked it. The inability to control one's emotions is a bad sign.

Would you ever take a lover back who slept with your best friend?

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Your girlfriend sleeps with your best friend

Avoid vengeful women at all costs. When a woman is mad at you, she might do a number of things. She might pee in your coffee. Or she might use her teeth performing a certain sex act. She might call your boss and tell him that you're really an axe murderer. She might tell your mom that you scream her name out while taking a dump. Who knows, really? However, among the most vengeful, despicable acts a woman can pull is sleeping with your best friend. This not only ruins your relationship with the woman, but with the best friend as well. There's nothing quite like destroying two relationships at once. If your girlfriend pulls this stunt, say adios and don't look back.

Have you ever been with someone who withheld sex to manipulate you?

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Your girlfriend withholds sex

Now, given other things girlfriends do to warrant dumping, this might seem somewhat minor. It's not. When a woman starts withholding sex as a form of manipulation, the relationship is in trouble. You never want to go out with any woman who uses sex this way. In order to have a healthy relationship, sex should be something you both enjoy and practice freely. When it becomes a means to an end, things are in trouble. Dump any woman who would use sex as a weapon.

Your Girlfriend Can't Cook and Refuses to Learn

Look, women don't have to know how to cook. However, it's a really good skill. And if she's doing other things that are annoying, you can keep her if she can cook. There's nothing like good food. Maybe she's bad in bad, but if she can cook well, she might be worth keeping. But if you're doing all the work in the relationship and she's just mooching off you, dump her.

She Can't Drive

I'm sorry, but this one drives me up the wall. I'm a woman who can drive. Driving demonstrates all kinds of skills. However, I can tell you that my brother has broken up with a few women because they couldn't drive. He went out with one woman who was the worst driver he ever saw. He broke up with her within a week. Women who can't drive lack confidence and skill. Dump 'em.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Sychophantastic


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