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Wedding Day Stress Is Your Worst Enemy. 5 Ways To Defeat It

Updated on July 28, 2016

The Day has finally arrived. You are the special lady who owns the moment: the bride, and the wife to be. This is your big wedding day. However, your wedding day can be a fairy tale or a stress filled nightmare, depending on how well you have planned things in advance. Your wedding day suppose to be the best day of your life. You shouldn't be worried about how something is going to get done or who is going to do it. You should only be concerned about the beautiful beginning ahead of you. To make your wedding day special and stress-free, consider the following tips.

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Let the Wedding Planner or Coordinator Do Her Job

Don't be caught trying to take care of those last minute projects such as decorating the reception hall or worrying about the ceremonial details such as flower girl baskets, ring barrier pillow or the multiple venders that may need to be contacted. Leave all these issues up to the wedding planner and other trusted family members. You want this to be the day when your only focus is on the man of your dreams and the new beginning you are about to embark upon.

Enlist bride maids or friends to help with the wedding dress

Getting into that wedding dress(depending on how intricately designed it is) can be a hassle if you haven't practiced it nearly a hundred times before the wedding. More than likely, you haven't, so enlist the help of the brides maids or friends to help you put on the dress without much effort. Trying to get in that dress your self can be frustrating. Besides, you want to keep your joy of the moment strong. So let others know in a timely manner that you need more than two hands to adorn yourself in that elegant, princess garment.

Make sure the hair and make-up stylist is on the scene

This is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful days of your life. You want to look like the queen that you are. A hair and make-up stylist will make you look and feel like a billion dollars if you relax and let her do the job for you. Trying to do it yourself will only add to the possible anxiety you may face to shine your brightest on this special day. But your confidence in your appearance will skyrocket when you are in the hands of a qualified hair and make-up stylist.


Communicate Well with Your Photographer before the Wedding Day

Make sure the photographer knows the exact shots that you want, especially if the photographer is non-professional. Most pro-photographers know exactly what shots are most important to the memory of a great wedding. But sometimes, you may want a few non-traditional pictures of yourself and your wedding party. These are the shots that the photographer needs to know about. Make sure you have communicated these desires to the photography well before the wedding day. This will help you avoid lost memories.

Hiring a DJ: Get an Event Manager

Hiring a DJ and a Band(s) for the reception is a whole new ball game when it comes to keeping a wedding event organized. Therefore, you should seek the expertise of an event manager. An event manager can keep the event organized and on the proper time track. This must be an important consideration. The unorganized musical performance can get out of hand if no one has any experience in managing it. You will save yourself a lot of stress and headaches if you just let the experts handle it.

Let Others Run the Show

The bottom line is this is your day. Let others cater to you. You have wrestled with a thousand ideas up until this day. Allow the others to run the show now. It is your turn to relax and enjoy the moment. You are the main star on this stage. Your prince awaits for your arrival very soon. Focus on him and the wonderful life ahead of you. This as a once in a life time event. It will live in your memory forever. You are so deserving.

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