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6 signs of A Soul mate connections

Updated on September 29, 2010

 Assessing your relataionship is the first step to making it last.In finally finding the one ,examine first whether a relationship is in the long run,truly good for you or not.Here's a clue you in on how to check true soul mate connection.

  1. You accept each other; One of the crucial indicators of being soul mate is truly accepting each other -right from the get - go .

Letting go and fully accepting each other , and "surrendering"to each other is a sure sign of soul mate potential says Laura  Doyle ,author of surrendered single ;Apractical guide to attracting and marrying the man who's Right for you.If you're in a committed relationship but are trying to control each other in some way(he wants you be less of a chatterbpx,you insist he change careers), think twice about pursing the relationship

."Contol is the enemy of intimacy,"intones Doyle.Often times, she adds, we believe we're bound to land our soul mates if we only learn how to manage ," control ,and manipulate the outcome of every situation.Only when you both can say" I accpt her or him"sincerely and honestly ,will you be on your way to building a lasting coupledom.

2.You're available Physically and emotionally for each other.; {Women have} a feminine  side that's soft ,tender,vulnerable,and receptive  example Doyle."That part of you wants to be taken out to dinner, walked home, asked about ,thoughs of ,caressed,and  just plain taken care of .It's the part of you that relished felling protected and cherished,"These are the same qualities and needs that have drwan men to you and these are the qualities that your real soul mate must recognize fullfill.

3.You AGREE  to Disagree; One of the surest signs of soul mate potential is a couple's ability to resolve disagreement and conflict in a way that suits them both.This  means that you see eye to eye when it comes to communicating your needs and shortcomings.

"[Soul mate] understand  one another is needs  unconditionally , and the union works in good as  well as bad time,"says Myrna Lou Golhum,author of Soul mate connections.In fact , experts believe that men and women ,instead of going through the dating process to find their soul mate , should  instead ,simply be given unpleasant tasks to complete together - to see if they laughed or bit each other's head off throughout the ordeal, as a  way to test their compatibility .Golhum  explains that more often than not ,two people who are right for each other are sensitive to each other needs , and thus able to focus and talk freely."Soul MATE  are sounding boards for exchanging thoughts and guidances.They search  for the answers to lifes  dilemmas together."

4.In more ways than one; "In a soul mate relationship ,life can be incredibly exciting and comfortable  at the same time," reveals Goldhum that's because you and your man may be connected at more levels than you realize.

Nine times out of 10 , soul mates get each other's nauces and quirks .In shorts , soul mates trully understand each other, because thy operate on the same  wavelength ,"Neither person  criticizes  or treats the other like a second.Class citizine," says Goldbaum ." They  can talk ; hold measuringful ,lengthy  conversations where each takes a turn speaking as the other listen."

Communication is keu."It's a red  flag if you have to call your friends  or obtain in PHD to decipher what he is trying  to communicate to you,"says  Marshall." For example , you think that you are having a discussions but you walk away from each conversation feeling confused."Buttom line?" If you cannot communicate about the simplest of things , you might not be able to build a good relationship arrangement together."

5.You dreams Are in Sync; "In choosing the right partner ,one must look for character, not simply looks or personality ," reiterate Goldbuam" A common the read  is present where both have similar interests ambitions , and goals for the future."

Those compatibility tests may just prove to be true;" There are characteristics  - including  religious  values , ambition , and energy  level - that determine a couple's  compatibility quotients," reveals  Neil Clark Warren,PHD, author  of falling in love for all the right reason.The move two people match on these qualities ,the better therr chances of staying solidly together.

6.You lives change - for The better; One of the most telling signs of being with someone who's soul mate material is the emotional growth you've experienced from being in that relationship generates something new - a new experience , a new understanding , a new solution - with each encounter , explains Marshall.

"Having a soul mate in one's life increases awareness and alertness and constantly forces one to confront [the]self , explains Goldbuam , who adds that true soul mate can work on their problem areas to conect the faults  within each other ."Soul mates give each other self - confidence.Together, they have the power to makes dramatic changes.



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    • profile image

      Moe 3 years ago

      I was 15 years old when I met my soul mate, being that young I didn't know it at that time. We went our own way after a year of dating. My heart was broken. Some 50 years later we met again. I always secretly held him in my heart. We both married young, but not to each other. My husband passed away. Some time after that I got a phone call from him, only to find out that he also felt the same way for all those years. Yes we are seeing each other again and it is the hardest thing I have to deal with because our love is so strong for each other, because he is still married. I still don't know which way to turn.

    • profile image

      Jennifers NEighbor 3 years ago

      Jenifer, I think you did finish reqaading it

    • profile image

      Jennifer 4 years ago

      If it didn't have so many spelling and punctuation errors, I would have finished reading this article.

    • profile image

      Salman 4 years ago

      Soulmate awakes your spirutual self and allows you to work on improving yourself.they help you tap your deep inside so that you can be at your best.they hurt you also so that new light can get inside your broken heart.they push you closer to God.

    • profile image

      KD 4 years ago

      I found this article interesting, but very difficult to read. Please edit your work before posting...

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I just need to tell you that a soul mate has nothing to do with sex marriage or having things in common. Yes it may be that you are attracted to the person but its a lot deeper than that. I believe I have met my soul mate. we talk about anything and everything. His lifestyle is everything mine isn't. I feel he looks at me and knows what I'm thinking. I can feel an energy that I can't describe when where together. I love him totally and completely and we,v never been interment in any way. One day I was very sick my throat was so irritated it felt as though it was red roar. He came over only for about 15 min and when he left I had no soar throat and no temperature. I had been bedridden for four days and cured in 15 mins that's a soul mate.

    • lynne lyn profile image

      lynne lyn 7 years ago

      thank you also reading my hubs and your welcome.

    • goodwinjck profile image

      goodwinjck 7 years ago

      I was in a relationship with this man four years ago. We split up for about two years. We starting talking again over a year ago, and before I knew it, I moved back in. Once again, I moved out before he came home from work. I know he is my soul mate, I am just scared. We have talked, and I may move back in. This reading helped me in many ways. Thank you very much!