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6 wedding invitation etiquettes you shouldn’t forget

Updated on February 19, 2014

Are wedding preparations around the corner for you? Then surely the first thing you are planning to get done with is the wedding invitation. While preparing a Hindu wedding card there are a few etiquettes that need to be followed. These are basic guidelines that ensure your card is perfect to announce the most important day of your life. Besides it makes it simpler for you to go through the entire process.

An important point to bear in mind is that even if you hire a wedding planner or engage an expert to manage the wedding invitations for you, you must take personal interest in the process. This is especially when you want to make sure the invitations are personalised.

Let’s take a look at the 6 wedding invitation etiquettes you must follow –

Type of invitation –

Is yours a theme based wedding? If yes, then make sure your wedding card communicates that well, not just in the message it gives but also with its look and feel. So if you and your partner have settled for a royal theme or a funfair event then make sure the same is maintained in the wedding card as well as the other weddingstationery. If you are following specific colour palate for the day then make sure the invite has the same colour scheme. For couples who want to have a simple get-to-gather to celebrate their day, selecting from the wide range of designer cards is a good idea. Since the concept is all ready for you, you just have to pick your favourite. If you wish to experiment a little try bold colours, laser cutwork or different shapes and materials.

Wordings on the card –

Hindu wedding invites usually have a specific order to follow when it comes to wording. It is customary to include religious verses or shlokas from scriptures on the card. This is mostly embedded in gold on the first page of the card and inside the card are leaflets that formally invite the guests giving details of the function. These days couples wish to modernise the content in the card. Hence, many design the card with witty content mostly on the lines of describing each or they or how they met etc.

This makes an interesting read for the guests who get to know a little more about the couple along with the details of the function.

Spell check –
There is no substitute for proofreading of the card. In fact do it as many times as you can. Run it through your fiancé, parents, friends, colleagues etc. Give this task at least a weeks’ time. You never know when a tiny typo can escape your eyes only to get prominent before your guests. Ask for a sample to make sure the rest of the prints don’t carry any errors.

Selecting a font –

With creativity and technology playing a major role in changing the look and feel of the traditionally designed wedding cards, you are no longer limited to the few fonts that have been used for ages. You can choose from formal to fun to semi-formal styles of writing the invite. Many experiment with three different fonts in the card. So you could have a particular font on the front page, a different style for the inner leaflets and maybe a third kind of font for other details. However, make sure the font you choose is readable.

Addressing –
No matter how beautiful your wedding card is, if you’ve not addressed it properly it loses all its charm. So make sure you write the receivers name correctly. Get it hand written for a personal effect. In case you are not confident about your handwriting, then it is written by someone else or maybe a professional calligrapher. Another option is to get colour printed labels that match the envelope.

Sending out the invite –
As the host you must understand that life these days has becomes very busy and everyone needs a prior intimation to adjust events in their schedule. Hence, make sure you send out the invite at least a month before the wedding date. This way your guests have enough time to move things around to attend your function. You can send a save-the-date card in advance so they know the invitation is on its way.

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