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60 Questions to Determine Romantic Compatibility

Updated on December 15, 2017

Why Questions are Important

When first meeting someone that catches your attention, the attraction can tend to take over and while it may seem like you are hitting it off well, there is a lot to cover to determine whether you and your new romantic interest have a shot.

When you meet someone and feel attracted to them, it can be tempting to put off the important questions, but it’s the important questions that will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. Deal-breakers must be established. Each person has qualities that they are seeking and things that are unacceptable to them. It’s the issues that aren’t discussed and the boundaries that are not made clear that lead to failed relationships later.

So, without further ado, here are 60 questions to ask that will help you determine compatibility.

  1. Would you end a relationship if you found out your partner had an affair in the distant past?
  2. Do you flirt with other men/women when you are in a relationship?
  3. What do you think your three best qualities are?
  4. What would those closest to you say your three best qualities are?
  5. What are your three biggest shortcomings?
  6. Have you fallen in love? How many times?
  7. Do you smoke?
  8. Do you smoke marijuana?
  9. Do you drink? How often?
  10. Do you use drugs?
  11. Do you claim a religion? If so, which religion?
  12. Do you claim to be of a certain faith?
  13. Are you interested in someone who has children?
  14. Do you want children or more children?
  15. If you do want kids but meet someone with or without kids that cannot have children or does not want more children, is this okay?
  16. Do you have children? If yes, do they live with you?
  17. Are you currently working?
  18. How do you support yourself?
  19. Do you have any health problems?
  20. Have you been married?
  21. Do you tend to talk about your ex a lot?
  22. Are you politically affiliated? If yes, which party? If no, which do you agree with most?
  23. What are your top five priorities?
  24. Can you briefly describe your ideal life?
  25. What are your deal breakers?
  26. How do you handle fights?
  27. What is your current financial situation?
  28. Are you currently dating anyone or in a relationship?
  29. Do you take care of your own hygiene?
  30. How would you describe your sense of humor?
  31. How important is humor to you?
  32. When your partner is upset about something you did, how do you react?
  33. Do you think it’s important to have space in a relationship?
  34. Is fitness currently a priority in your life? If yes, is this important that your partner has the same priority?
  35. Do you like to go out or stay in on a Friday night?
  36. What top five qualities you look for in a partner?
  37. Do you possess the same five qualities you look for in a partner?
  38. Do you feel your word is your bond?
  39. How important is empathy in general?
  40. How important is reliability in general?
  41. Do you feel that it is important to wait and get to know someone before discussing or engaging in sexual intimacy?
  42. What do you do for fun?
  43. Do you have pets?
  44. Do you have any hobbies?
  45. What are you most proud of?
  46. Is marriage important to you?
  47. What music genres do you like most?
  48. Top favorite movie genres?
  49. Did you go to college?
  50. What would your dream job be?
  51. Do you consider yourself a good listener?
  52. How important is practicing financial discipline to you?
  53. What is your idea of cheating in a relationship?
  54. Do you think it’s okay to make fun of your partner if it makes them uncomfortable?
  55. Is it appropriate to have your phone out during a meal?
  56. How important is transparency in a relationship?
  57. Would you stand up to a family member if they were disrespectful to your partner?
  58. Are you a night-owl or a morning person?
  59. Mountains or beach?
  60. Do you prefer to buy new or used?

© 2017 Miriam Micheals


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