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6000 Steps Of Love

Updated on January 15, 2017
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Eternal Love


Eloping To The Highest Mountain, 6000 Steps High

An eternal love story of the highest degree, literally! You can only find it in China! This man apparently is younger than his love mate. And in traditional Chinese thinking, it is a no-no affair. Well, true love knows no bound. So the young man eloped with his girl to a place high up in the mountain in Jiangjin County in Southern Chongqing Municipality. Believe me mountains in China are very high indeed! And they lived there in a cave for over half a century!

Liu Guojiang was only 19 at that time. His girl, Xu Chaoqin was 29, already widowed with children. No way they were going to be allowed to marry.

6000 Steps Of Love

Liu Guojiang and his love Xu Chaoqin
Liu Guojiang and his love Xu Chaoqin

6000 Steps Of Love

From the very beginning, hardship was the order of the day. They lived with nature. Eating grass and roots. With only a kerosene lamp to light up the night and their lives.

Xu felt that she had tied Liu down, and was feeling guilty. She asked,"Are you regretting?"

Liu assured her, "As long as we are industrious, life will improve."

After "settling down" the young man Liu started his labour of love. He started carving steps along the mountain trail so that his wife could descend from the mountain with less difficulty. And Liu continued carving the steps for the next 50 years!!

In 2001, a group of hikers was exploring the forest and to their surprise they found the old couple with their steps of love...more than 6000 steps on the last count!!

6000 Steps Of Love!

This Is True Love!

The couple have seven children! One of them, Liu Mingsheng said, "My parents loved each other. They lived together for over 50 years and never been apart a single day."

Their love for each other was so great that Liu literally died in the arms of his wife, when he collapsed after returning from his farm. He was 72. So in love with his wife that Liu did not let go of his hands on his wife when he died in her arms.

Love Of The Highest Degree!

Their story became one of the top 10 love stories of China in 2006, collected by the Chinese Women Weekly. The local authority has decided to preserve the "steps of love" and the cave they lived in as a living museum to show to the world, what love of the highest degree is all about.

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