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Five Coupon Books for a Boyfriend

Updated on March 8, 2013

Two for One: Have a Great Time with Your Boyfriend and Get Him a Gift He'll Love

There is no occasion where a Coupon book for your boyfriend isn't a good gift. Anniversaries, Christmas and birthdays. They are all excellent opportunities to treat him to some coupons he wil love to take advantage of.

A really fun idea is to customize the booklets with add-ons for kisses, champagne, x-rated items which I thought was a really cute idea. If you want completely customizable coupons that still look very real Zazzle has a few great options.

5. Coupon Book for Boyfriend

This is a very popular coupon book. It's a great gift for a boyfriend and there is a lot of humour in the coupons. It will infuse your relationship with a little bit of spice and romance. It doesn't get overly physical but focuses more on love then lust. Great if you are looking for that and the stickfigures are cute.

4. Coupons from the Heart

Stickfigures are very popular to illustrate the love coupon books. This little booklet contains 16 romantic and often funny coupons for couples to give each other. They are printed on natural tone recycled paper and with cute hearts all over the cover. They range from backrubs to taking each other on a trip to the zoo or the beach.

3. Not for Christmas

The artwork is a little lame if you ask me. You have to be into it, but then these are about as ultimate of a man gift you can think of. Without a doubt they will be the best coupons he ever got and probably the only ones he ever got really excited about. They are not just bland but actually provide some creative ideas as well. They are fantastic gift on his Birthday, Valentines, Christmas, Anniversary or any occasion you can think of really.

There is an edition of this booklet geared towards him and one towards her. This is the edition for him but they are both pretty good. The coupons are fun for both of you and though not every last one of the 22 coupons will be every couples "cup of tea" they bring a lot of ideas and fun to the bedroom. Most guys will be more then eager to redeem a few of these, so count on it being a big hit.

1. Kiss me Coupon Book

Overall this is my top choice for a coupon book for your boyfriend. There are no less then 44 coupons in here. They range from a non stop bodykiss, kiss like in a movie scene, kiss under the stars too coupons to spend a fun day out together. More romantic then lust oriented and full of sweet adorable gifts. A sweet gift most girls would love to give their boyfriends. And boyfriends love some special attention.


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