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7 Great First Date Tips for Men

Updated on April 29, 2018

Make Her Like You

Engage her in interesting conversation
Engage her in interesting conversation


Are you planning on going out on a date for the first time with a woman you have just met? Are you worried about what you will say to a girl you are attracted to and whom you want to convince to go out with you? Then here are some first date tips for men which will ensure that you will impress her, and which will also increase your chances of getting a second date.

What To Wear

If you are going on a casual first date, a pair of black dark-wash jeans and a short-sleeved collared shirt, a dress shirt, a tie-and-dye shirt, a kente shirt, or a sports jacket will make the woman that you are dating feel that you respect her. On the other hand if it is a dinner date, a suit or jacket will be fine.

Wearing a smart outfit such as the one described above will make you look great, and it will help you to portray a decent character, which will make the woman feel happy to spend time with you.

Additionally, add a stylish accessory, such as a wristwatch or a pocket square in the pocket of your jacket, to convey the impression that you pay attention to detail and that can make the woman like you a lot.

The Color Of Your Outfit

A study has shown that many people were attracted to their first date and started relationships with them because of the color the partner wore on their first date.

Black is a color that women like because that color can match with many other colors. Alternatively, you might consider wearing something blue— a study conducted at the University of Washington has revealed that it is a color women love and feel comfortable with when a man wears something of that color. Other colors which studies have revealed women feel make men look attractive are gray, green, and white.

On the other hand, colors which studies show women feel men look unattractive in are yellow and pink.

How To Communicate During The Date

An interesting and engaging conversation is the most important part of a first date. If you are able to impress her with good conversation skills, if you can make the conversation as exciting as possible so that she will enjoy the time she will spend with you, and if you talk about the right things, you can make her wish to go out with you again.

But how can you do that? And what should you talk about on a first date?

  • Try to focus the conversation on your date and encourage her to talk a lot about herself because it may make her like you and you may get a second date.
  • Steer the conversation towards controversial topics which are likely to stimulate debate, such as what she thinks about abortion, whether she thinks there are aliens out there, or what she thinks about politicians.
  • Listen attentively to what she says without judging her. When she says something that you do not agree with, instead of saying something such as, “No! No! I don’t agree with what you are saying,” say something such as, “OH! Is that what you think about this thing? To be frank, I have never considered that perspective. Please help me to understand that angle better. Why do you think about it that way?” She will see that you respect her views and that you are interested in her opinions and it will encourage her to talk more, which will enable you to keep a lively discussion going.
  • Talk about the current trends in fashion, sports, culture, generosity, working out, school and career plans and so on and avoid cracking jokes—according to a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, sharing jokes or using rehearsed lines has a negative effect on a date.
  • Talk about the exciting countries and cities you have visited in the past and about the interesting people you met during your travels—a study has shown that people who talk about travel are likely to meet again for a second date.

Some Questions You May Ask Your Date

Here are some questions which you can use to make the evening an interesting one:

  1. So what’s your life story?
  2. What do you do during weekends?
  3. I like making new friends. What about you?
  4. If you were a movie star, what role would you like to play in movies? The antagonist or the protagonist?
  5. What 10 things do you love about being alive?
  6. What do you love most about your father.
  7. Who are your favorite male relatives and why?

Ask these questions, in addition to these ones too, to create a connection that will draw both of you closer to each other emotionally.

Avoid Looking Into Your Date’s Eyes For Too Long

A study published in the journal Psychological Science has revealed that contrary to popular belief that looking into someone's eyes can help you to persuade the person to feel connected, making eye contact for a long time with someone does not make one look interesting.

Therefore, try to balance looking into your date’s eyes with admiring other parts of her body, such as her hands, neck, or her hair. Alternatively, try to maintain eye contact with her for 7 seconds and then shift your gaze to a window, a passing waiter, other tables, and then shift your gaze back to her face again and that will make her feel at ease.

Watch Your Body Language

Your date may read a lot into your body language and sending out wrong signals may hamper your chances of getting a second date.


  • do your best to keep your chin angle down so that you will not appear to be looking down at her, which will make her feel that you are snobbish;
  • tilt your head from time to time to show that you are enjoying her company;
  • do your best to keep your palms up when she is talking to convey the message that you hear what she is saying and that you are open to her ideas;
  • smile from time to time to tell her that you are comfortable being around her and raise your eyebrows from time to time to make her feel that you are a nice guy;
  • avoid crossing your arms in front of your chest because doing so will make her feel that you are not enjoying the time you are spending with her, which may decrease the likelihood that she may want to have a second date with you;
  • a report published in the journal of Experimental Psychology suggests that you start a date with someone you have never net before with small, subdued movements and then you can start getting animated when you are comfortable with each other.

Ask Her For Another Date If You Enjoyed The First Date

In a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, researchers found out that women like it when a man tells her directly that he is interested in dating her long term.

So, if you like her, say something such as, “Can you go out with me next weekend too? I really enjoyed the time we spent together and I want to experience such wonderful times with you again,” instead of beating about the bush.


Some first date tips for men are that make sure you wear a decent outfit which must be black, blue, green, gray, or white, keep the conversation interesting always by stirring up controversy from time to time, avoid looking into her eyes for too long, watch your body language, and be bold and ask her out again if you feel that you like her.

First Date Tips for Men

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© 2018 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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