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7 Inspiring Ways for a Woman to Move on After Divorce

Updated on July 24, 2017

We live in a society where being a single mother or getting divorced is not a favorable thing. People around us have a habit of making us feel bad about our choices in life. If you are a divorced woman, this article will be very inspiring for you because we know how it really feels. You might feel free after the divorce but the society does not let you forget that you are alone. We feel that this is the time when you can rediscover yourself and pursue your unfulfilled dreams. Is it necessary to have a man in your life to be happy? We do not think so! Here is a feel good article for you which will help you to move on after the divorce. We have listed the 7 ways for a woman to move on after heartbreaking divorce. Read on to find out the different ways to move on.

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Maintain a private diary

We are not going to ask you to meet new people straightaway! Let the feeling soak in that your husband is gone. Buy a diary and write good things about yourself. Write about the qualities in you that make you shine. Many women forget to love themselves after getting married. It is time that you write about yourself. You may have dreams, desires, career goals and certain qualities that make you different from the rest of the world. You will realize that you are worth it and you deserve better in life. When it comes to moving on – this one is a great starter! This helps in recovering from divorce and makes you feel good about yourself.

Learn to let go

If you hold on to negative thoughts and keep thinking about your ex husband, you will never be able to move on. Life after divorce for women is tough because they keep thinking about their previous marriage and the husband. A woman starts doubting herself. It can create bitterness and anger within. Going through a divorce is tough but it is not impossible. Forgive yourself and your ex husband. Learn to let go of something which never gave you any happiness. It is not the end of life.

Do things that make you happy

Who says you cannot be happy after a divorce? You surely can live your life and fly free like a bird. Did you stop doing what you love after you got married? Think! You might want to start traveling or painting again. If swimming makes you happy, take a membership at the nearest pool. If eating makes you happy, just forget the diet once in a while and finish a full pastry all by yourself. Meet your girlfriends once in a while and shop for yourself. There are so many things that make us happy! We are sure that you have a list as well.

Take care of yourself

We mean it! How about taking really good care of yourself? Get a manicure or pedicure done. Join a gym or a zumba class. You should take care of your body and get back into your old fashionable clothes again. It is very important to groom yourself after the divorce as that can really help bring back the confidence that you lost after the divorce!

Meet new people

You should start meeting new people once you are ready to accept that it has ended forever. However it is not the end of life. There are so many ways to fight loneliness and this is one really effective way. You should be ready to meet new people in few months. Never be afraid to fall in love again because life is generous and it gives us many chances! You might find that one person who will make you feel good about yourself. You can travel and meet new people. Traveling alone after a divorce can be very inspiring because when you meet new people, you will get to know their stories as well. It will be a really good experience for you as well.

Reinvent yourself

This is an important step when you are going through a divorce. You are the same person after the divorce but now you have to deal with life and people differently. You have seen how difficult life can be and it is time that you should reinvent yourself. Recovering from divorce is easy when you are able to accept the divorce and learn to live for yourself. If you have children, you will have to be a confident mother and live for your child. Life does not end if a man leaves. Life does not end till you give up. You have to adopt a new attitude towards life and become a fearless woman who is ready to move on.


Meditating can actually bring a lot of peace to your mind. You can join a yoga class or meditate at home in your free time. It does not take much time. We have seen many women doing yoga while going through a divorce. Meditation can help you to feel positive and it will only attract positive energy. Join a well known yoga class or meditate in a quiet room. This will really help you in recovering from divorce.

Life is not perfect and we all should accept it. If life was too smooth, there will be no balance. In order to maintain balance, there has to be ups and downs in life. Learn to embrace life as it is without complaining. God has planned something really great for us. If you are a divorced woman, you should feel happy that you are out of the mess. Life does not end and you have an amazing future ahead. Life after divorce for women is indeed very hard because a woman goes through a lot of mixed emotions. However you should be thankful to the God that you are still alive and living. Divorce is not the end of the world. Keep smiling!


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