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7 New Wedding Traditions for Modern Couples

Updated on April 18, 2017

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

Without a doubt, this age-old adage is familiar to most of you whether you have attended a wedding before or not yet. This universal and rather commonplace wedding maxim is just one of the many classic traditions soon-to-wed couples observe since time immemorial.

As it is, planning a wedding is no easy feat. And incorporating some of the best and long-held traditions into it would be a bit difficult considering how it would look so incredibly out of place in this time and day. While it might be great to practice some of the old traditions, your wedding would feel somewhat common and formulaic if you would do what millions of couples have already done before you.

However, modern couples need not worry about their wedding traditions looking obsolete as there are ingenious and creative ways of turning an outdated wedding practice into a contemporary one. In fact, modern couples can even opt out of the archaic ones and create new ones of their own. Who knows? These fresh wedding trends and traditions they have come up might just be all the rage in modern weddings.

Do not be afraid to tweak old traditions and brighten up your wedding venues by forming new ones. Here are some of modern wedding traditions you can work into yours.

Lanterns: an alternative to bridesmaids' boquet
Lanterns: an alternative to bridesmaids' boquet | Source

1) Toss out the bridesmaids' bouquets

Floral arrangements look gorgeous and they are certainly great complements to the gowns of your female entourage. Unfortunately, while they may look attractive, they do nothing else much apart from being held by your bridesmaids and add a dash of color to their photos.

In other words, after your wedding, the bridesmaids' bouquets are completely dispensable. So, instead of giving the female members of your entourage a bouquet of flowers to bring, save it for those who have bigger roles like the maid of honor or the secondary sponsors.

Swap your bridesmaids' bouquets for something more versatile and a lot cuter such as clutch purses that either match or complement their gowns. It serves the dual function of being an accessory and a handy bag they can place their belongings in.

Alternatively, you can make your bridesmaids carry lanterns or lit decorative and scented candles as they walk down the aisle which would look great if you are having a night wedding.

Balloons on your bridal car
Balloons on your bridal car | Source

2) Jazz up the wedding and getaway car

Traditionally, wedding cars would have a string of tin cans dangling and clanging from the back bumper that makes noise as it drives away. However, do not just stop there and drape the "Just Married" sign at the back.

Take it a bit further by tying an arch of helium-inflated balloons. Make your entrance a bit more dramatic and grand by having all these fly out as you step out of the car, or as you and your new husband get in and make your getaway.

Vintage wedding photo booth
Vintage wedding photo booth | Source

3) Skip having the guests sign a guestbook

Instead of having your guests form a queue just to sign a guestbook that honestly has nothing in it other than signatures, install a photo booth instead and encourage your wedding guests to take their wackiest photos. Have them go in and take a photo or a group photo and ask them to pen in their message to you and your spouse at the back portion of the photograph.

Or, if they so wish they can record a video of themselves giving you a wedding wish instead of taking a photo. Looking back at these photos will be a lot more fun and hilarious, it would certainly be a great way to have your guests more involved and be entertained.

Bridal bouquet given to the bride's grandmother
Bridal bouquet given to the bride's grandmother | Source

4) Do not toss the bouquet

Ever notice how uncomfortable all those single ladies are when the wedding host announces that it is time for the bouquet toss? And, did you ever notice how awkward it becomes when the host calls out their name to join the group of single ladies at the front for the bouquet toss game?

Well, instead of subjecting your single female friends to embarrassment, skip the bouquet toss altogether. Give your bouquet to the lady who has been married the longest instead and your single lady friends will breathe a sigh of relief.

4) Have all fathers and daughters join you in the dance

One of the most iconic and poignant wedding traditions of all time is the father and daughter dance. However, make yours more memorable by asking all of the fathers and daughters to join and share the dance with you. Your guests who never got the chance to dance with their fathers will thank you.

Or, surprise your guests with cool moves!

Red balloons for a group photo
Red balloons for a group photo | Source

5) Take unique group photos

Instead of having your guests huddled up at the front of your wedding venue, look for a large space close by where you can fit them all in. Outline a huge heart in chalk and have your wedding guests stand all around the chalk-drawn heart while you and your spouse can stand in the middle. This certainly puts a new spin to those boring wedding photos couples usually take.

Wedding donut tower
Wedding donut tower | Source

6) Opt to skip out the wedding cake

Wedding cakes are even expensive and multi-layered cakes are even more so. Couples who are not fond of cakes have created a unique way to have their guests sample desserts through the dessert buffet innovation or simply by piling donuts on top of each other that it would closely resemble a pyramid.

If you truly wish to go unique and creative, consider having your guests scoop some ice cream and drizzle it with their favorite toppings. In this way, you will not only give your wedding guests a sweet treat, but an entertaining and fun one as well.

Walking the aisle together
Walking the aisle together | Source

7) Walk the aisle together

You do not have to make a grand entrance as a bride if you wish your groom to be walking by your side as you make your walk down the wedding aisle. Besides, what is a better way to greet the newest and greatest chapter in your life than holding hands together with the person you are going to be spending it with?

While incorporating some contemporary traditions will truly make for a unique ceremony, do not forget to include some of the tried and tested ones either. Remember, that although forging new traditions are great, you should not overlook some of the classic staples either. So, when you are planning your wedding—give it a mix of the new and old to make your wedding truly unique and truly you.


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