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Updated on August 21, 2014



There are many factors that make men to fall in love with ladies and girls around the world Many men now easily fall in love with such ladies that can make them happy always and make them proud any where. Among the 7 things things that make men fall in love with ladies and girls are the followings

1 GOOD AND DECENT CHARACTERS-Men fell in love quickly with girls and ladies with good and decent character,they said that charity begins at home They are carried away by the girls decent and good character as wife materials. Indecent characters by ladies turn men away from them

2 BEAUTY AND FACIAL ATTRACTIONS-Survey shows that many men are carried away by girls and ladies beauty such as fine girls and fine ladies. Some men easily fall in love with ladies because of their beauty and facial attraction but this is not truly the case every time

UP3 GOOD PARENTAL UPBRINGING-When a girl and ladies were brought up in good way by parents from good Christian homes many men would like to associate with such lady and family and fall in love but girls who was not brought in such good homes will not attract men.

4 DECENT DRESSING CODES-Many men fell in love with ladies and girls with decent dressing codes They like ladies and girls who dress very well in any occasion and this make the girls look attractive to men and force them to fall in love. Therefore ladies and girls should be decently dressed to attract men but avoid indecent dress that can expose your privacy

5 INTELLIGENT-When a lady in extra ordinary intelligent men quickly go for them and like to associate with them and likes to gain from their intelligent

6 INDUSTROUS LADIES-When a lady and girls are very hard working and industrious many men fell in love with them easily and make move to marry them but lazy one will find it difficlut to attracts men Therefore be industrious and productive type and men will look for you to marry since mans gift makes room for him and bringeth him to sit with prince and kings.

7 NEATNESS –This is another factors that force men to ladies for marriage proposal When a woman is neat with good hygiene standard and keeps the house tidy always and decent every time,men fall in love with such women quickly because they wants quality wife that can always make them proud and happy

Therefore be neat always to get attracted to men

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    • articlebox2014 profile imageAUTHOR

      olayemi sunday 

      3 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks for your good and desirable information and comment i wish to hear from you more

      You are awesome,cheers

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      You mention some excellent universal traits men look for in women. However I do believe one's culture or country will place varying degrees of importance on each of those traits.

      For example in the U.S. the first requirement is usually physical attraction. If a man is not attracted to a woman he's not likely to approach her let alone be willing to invest (time and money) trying to get to know her better on dates. We tend not to ask women out simply because they are "nice". Thankfully "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" therefore not everyone is going after the same type of person. :)

      After that comes personality and sense of humor. It's natural to want to be around people whose company you enjoy and they enjoy your company. Women with easy going personalities that smile or otherwise show agreement or interest in the conversation by asking engaging questions or making informative statements are more appealing than those who don't.

      Lastly these women have the art of (subtle) flirting down to a science. If a man approaches a woman she knows he's "interested". Men want to know the woman is also interested in him. Subtly being playful/ flirty achieves this.

      Having said all of the above it oftentimes comes down to "timing" or she is NOT "the one". A woman can do or be all the things we've mentioned but if a guy's mindset is not on having a "serious relationship" or getting married he likely will end up hurting her. This frequently happens to women in their 20s who expect men of their age to want to get married. They're not ready!

      The last thing on a 22 year old guy's mind is becoming his parents! Thoughts of marriage, a mortgage, and children is like watching their lives flash before their eyes. Most guys in the U.S. right after college want to party, play the field, and start establishing a career.

      The women of their age who want to settle down might do better to date single guys who are in their early 30s. One man's opinion! :-)


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