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5 Reasons Couples Should Shower Together

Updated on September 6, 2015

Fun & Steamy?

Whether you are a new couple, Or you have been married for fifty years, Showering together is an excellent way to get close and intimate with the one you love.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should definitely shower with your significant other.

#1. It's Romantic

If you have lost that special spark or if you are looking for new ways to improve your love life, showering together is a great way to rekindle that spark, Or find out something new about your significant other.


#2. You Save Water!

I mean c'mon who doesn't like to save on their water bill! Bills are stressful enough in a relationship.

#3. Shower Talk

No matter what you go through in life, your partner should always be your best friend. Having someone to talk to while you are at your most vulnerable and intimate moment is a great stress and anxiety reliever.

Do You Shower With Your Partner?

Do You Shower With Your Partner?

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#4. Down & Dirty

Don't worry about getting "dirty" in the shower it's the perfect way to be intimate in a way that not only brings you closer to your partner but also adds a little spice to your sex life. Sex in the shower is also another great stress reliever.

#5. Wait,Wash My What?!

And last but not least my top reason to shower with your partner, You ever have that hard to reach spot to wash? Well not anymore with your partner in tow you can always wash those hard to reach places like your back ect.


So, in summary, Whether you're young or old we can all agree couples that shower together, Stay together. Whether it's a spark you're trying to rekindle or a failing sex life, You can always try this little trick with your significant other.


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