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7 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

Updated on March 12, 2012

There are a lot of times in a relationship when your man will seem to be pulling away from you emotionally. It will be like this when you try to approach him, and he keeps on throwing up walls, shields, and other roadblocks to prevent you from getting too close.

The only thing that woman know how to do at this point is to question themselves. What did I do? Is he made at me? Is he cheating on me? Woman will from one extreme to the next not know what to say or to do. Just as much as woman are a complete mystery to men, men are a completely mystery to woman.

As, woman tend to question themselves about men they are usually wrong. If, a man is overwhelmed they will always tend to feel the need to retreat to gather his thoughts because of the emotional side of the equation. The fact that men do get overwhelmed is nothing to do but the woman will automatically assume that it is related to them when in reality it most likely has nothing to do with them.

However, there are some insights that you may not have thought about when it comes to the man you love and his emotional turmoil. I have compiled a list of 7 reasons that are most likely the cause of him pulling away from you at the moment.

1. Failure -Men hate to think about failure in any form, fashion, or degree. This causes a lot of men to rethink about their lives and where they currently stand in life. Men will think about the things he has not done or wanted to do. As they dwell on this subject for a few days, his spirits will be lowered. On top of that, he may not be able to talk about this feeling because he may feel as part of that failure he has failed you.

2. Problem Struggles – Men typically will take the whole weight of their problems on their shoulders and refuse to ask for help. They end up stuck with their own problems and challenges being faced with n real solution. It starts to eat at them emotionally as they try to figure a way out of the problem they are contemplating. This takes away from you and he will move over to his own space until the problem is resolved.

3. He is made at you – It is true that during a relationship, he will get mad at you at some point. However, many men typically will not tell you that they are mad at you. The silent treatment is his silent anger trying to tell he is disappointed in you because he has mentioned something in the past about not liking it and the woman keep doing it.

4. Time Alone- sometimes men just need the space to be left alone. It really has nothing to do with you. It has to do with the repetitive and boring nature all relationships take. This will cause men to pull away for a bit and reflect on how things have progressed and achieved its spot. He will come back just give him his space and time.

5. Listen – when men feel that t no one is listening to them anymore they will pull away because they feel emotionally exhausted. This happens frequently when woman bring up subject matter that is in the past. It may have to do with other areas the he has thought were resolved, but that woman will still hold a grudge no matter if he has apologized already or not. This will just cause men to seek relief in another corner of his world.

6. Pressure – Sometimes the weight of the world is on a man, and he does not know how to separate them all. Pressure from work, school, family, and his relationships all weigh on him. Men may just be at a point where they cannot handle all of the pressure at one moment from setting unrealistic expectations or demanding priorities. With all this, he may just need another breather and pull away emotionally so that things can be looked at logically before he can sort them out.

7. Privacy – Sometimes with all the pressure in a relationship sometimes he will feel he is losing himself. This will amount to the need for him to start setting a few boundaries. Men need their private time to themselves to gather thoughts or enjoy a hobby. Men tend to be very private about things that they are not ready to revel and will use the time for his personal space.


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  • TabbyScott profile image

    Tabatha Hayden Payne 5 years ago from West Midlands

    Not much different from us women then, Good true Lens.

  • ImKarn23 profile image

    Karen Silverman 6 years ago

    Actually - not much different from why women pull away! Well organized thoughts and well done hub!